How to Not Be Bored with Your At-Home Workout Machines

How to Not Be Bored with Your At-Home Workout Machines

5 Ways to Not Be Bored with Your At-Home Workout Machines

Working out at home has many benefits. You save money by not paying for a membership each month, you save a significant amount of time not driving to and from the gym, and you never have to wait to use your favorite machine because it’s already reserved for you in your living room– the perfect space for optimum fitness privacy.

But there’s one concern many worry about when making the switch from a gym membership to investing in an at-home workout machine space. How do you keep from getting bored? 

When you invest in Aeroski, you’ll never have to worry about that concern again because you’re getting way more than an at-home workout machine. There are so many benefits of Aeroski, from blasting more calories in a single sweat session to amping up the fun factor with virtual reality accessory add-ons. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep boredom far away from your sacred workout space and why Aeroski is the best way to kick up your personal home mini-gym up a notch.

Switch Out the Old For Something New

When you think of a mini home gym, certain machines come to mind:

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Stationary bike

These seem to be the most common, especially when gyms closed; sales skyrocketed for these traditional machines. According to the Washington Post, treadmill sales increased by 135 percent, and stationary bike sales nearly tripled. 

However, inevitably, working out with such traditionally boring and ineffective workout machines doesn’t last. According to the New York Times, “people with a home exercise machine were 73 percent more likely to start exercising. But by the end of the year, they were also 12 percent more likely to have quit than people in the study who did not have home equipment.”

That’s why the secret to not being bored with your at-home workout machine is by investing in one that is not only fun but highly effective. Our clinical studies revealed that Aeroski is more efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than most traditional workout equipment. 

This skiing fitness machine is significantly more effective than cycling on a stationary bike or running on a treadmill. In one hour, Aeroski participants burned 537 calories on average compared to 320 calories burned on the stationary bike and 260 calories on the treadmill.

With results this drastic, why waste time on a boring machine that takes longer to achieve your goals? More significant calorie burn and a full-body workout are just a few of the many benefits of Aeroski usage in your home gym. 

Add an Element of Fun

Aeroski isn’t just a means to a great workout. It’s an entire experience that is rooted in fun. Designed to simulate the feeling of skiing fitness in real life, one way to kick your workout up a notch is by utilizing our incredible virtual reality fitness feature. 

When you add VR goggles to your Aeroski, you upgrade your at-home workout machine from everyday fitness to a hobby full of fun. Simply add the virtual reality goggles and ski poles to your cart, and you’re now immersed in an experience of a lifetime. With our virtual reality goggles, you’ll be able to:

  • Experience 3D virtual workouts with your machine
  • Jump into one of the three custom routines
  • Enjoy the view and get lost in this physically effective alpine experience

For skiing fitness enthusiasts or those wanting to try it without stepping out on a real slope, this way of working out is nothing short of a thrill. Forget jogging in place on a treadmill. With Aeroski, you’ll feel like you’re actually on a luxurious ski vacation out on the slopes. 

Brighten Up Your Workout Space

If you feel like you’re in a rut, it may not just be your at-home workout machines. Sure, you should invest in an enjoyable one like Aeroski, but your overall space is another aspect of paying attention. If your at-home workout area is lackluster, you may be putting yourself in a rut subconsciously. 

Here are some things to keep in mind to spruce up your space:

  • Print out and frame motivational quotes and posters.
  • Have a dedicated space for your at-home workout machines, or invest in ones that fold up well.
  • Consider painting your workout room a color that will motivate you. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow can help amp up your cardio, while cooler colors like blue and green can keep you stress-free and focused.
  • Make sure there’s good lighting — bonus points for natural light.

Incorporating these design elements can really go a long way — even beyond busting boredom. According to Psychological Medicine, working out in a room with bright light resulted in “greater relief from atypical depressive symptoms and more vitality than in ordinary room light.”

When you invest in amazing at-home workout machines like Aeroski, it’s important to keep them in a space that does them justice. Liven up your space and create your own workout oasis in your own home.

Refresh Your Playlist

Another way to liven up your at-home workout routine is to incorporate music. Studies show that playing music during your workout routine can actually increase the overall duration of your workout without you even noticing. Study participants were recorded working out significantly longer when listening to music, and if they did the same workout routine without music playing, they stopped substantially earlier.

But music doesn’t just help with workout duration. Another study found that upbeat music helped runners perform. When they tested a group of runners who ran laps without music, they were slower. But depending on the rhythm of the music, the runners’ bodies adjusted their cadence accordingly, without even realizing it.

With science showing the many benefits of music amping up your workout’s effectiveness, it may be your sign to refresh your playlist. Create one specifically for your time on Aeroski and strategically pick songs with upbeat tempos to help keep your strides swift and intense. It may be the boost your workout needs!

Connect with a Like-Minded Community

One thing that can be lacking when deciding to dedicate your fitness routine to an at-home workout machine space is a sense of community. Without a community gym, you won’t see crowds of people clamoring to machines or joining you for a group fitness class. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fantastic sense of community right from your living room.

Current research is showing that more and more, connecting through online communities like Instagram and Facebook with like-minded individuals can provide the motivation needed to keep going and liven up your workout routine. 

When you join the Aeroski workout community, you’ll have access to unlimited streamable workouts, live-streamed training sessions and the Aeroski fitness app that allows you to interact with fellow members and coaches.

Don’t think you need a gym membership or a standard traditional at-home workout machine to find a sense of community while working out from home. There are so many benefits of Aeroski, especially when it comes to interaction and community building. 

You’ll have to join our amazing skiing fitness community to experience it for yourself.

Try Aeroski As the Ultimate Home Gym Boredom Buster

Ready to experience one of the most effective and fun at-home workout machines on the market? Don’t just read about the benefits of Aeroski. Try it for yourself! Whether you’re a skiing fitness expert or someone who just wants to experience home fitness in a whole new 4D way, Aeroski is perfect for every fitness level.

When you purchase an Aeroski, you’re not just investing in an at-home workout machine. You’ll be investing in a community that will support you every step of the way. Click here to learn more about how Aeroski can reignite your workout and put the excitement back into home fitness. 

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