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Aeroski Protective Floor Mat
AEROSKI PROTECTIVE MAT This non-slip, shock-absorbent mat keeps your Aeroski firmly in place while protecting your floors from dents and scratches. Its water-resistant surface makes it perfect for dripping sweat. Made from heavy-duty material tha...

Aeroski Springs Kit
AEROSKI SPRINGS KIT $29.00 Includes: 2 springs 2 O-rings

Aeroski Bands Kit
AEROSKI BANDS KIT $29.00 Includes: 3 bands 1 Allen Key S4

Aeroski Waist Trimmer
AEROSKI WAIST TRIMMER BELT Produces heat around the midsection which reduces body fat, promotes weight loss, and also helps your lower back.KEY FEATURES Helps capture body heat stimulated by exercise. Increases perspiration around the waist redu...

Aeroski Hand Weights
AEROSKI HAND WEIGHTS Help you engage your upper body and allows you to implement strength training and balance throughout your routine. KEY FEATURES EXERCISE HAND WEIGHTS: Sculpt your arms and challenge yourself by adding different movements wit...

Aeroski Sculpting Bands
AEROSKI SCULPTING BANDS Challenge yourself with Aerosk’s sculpting resistance bands by applying strength training to each routine. Helps lengthen and improve your form by using different resistance levels (Light, Medium, Heavy). A simpler yet effe...