The Most Fun Cardio Machine for a Total Body Workout

Aeroski Fitness engages major muscle groups with a smooth, intense and fun calorie burning motion.

  • Total Body Workout

    Made for all fitness levels, Aeroski engages more muscles than traditional cardio machines by targeting the upper body, lower body, and core. It works all major muscle groups and improves strength and endurance without adding impact on your joints.

  • Versatile and Challenging

    It's unique and versatile design is made to provide the benefits of a demanding and adventurous sport and the rush of being in the alpines... all in the comfort of your own living room. Includes fixed handrail and Ski Poles, with padded grip for an easy and safe workout to adapt to your unique needs, goals, and made for all age groups and something your family can enjoy.

  • Easy, Fun, and Effective

    The idea of working out can feel like a hurdle, especially when we lack the motivation and dread the thought of using other boring traditional machines. Experience the feeling of being on the slopes and make Aeroski an experience, not a workout. Improve your overall fitness, well-being, and lifestyle.

  • Burn More Calories

    Engages major muscle groups with its seamless, and fun calorie burning ski motion. Clinical Studies proved that Aeroski is more efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than cycling on a stationary bike or a treadmill.

Easy, Fun, and Effective Cardio Workout

Easy and simple home fitness machine

  • Works all major muscle groups

    Catering to all age and fitness levels, improving your strength and endurance without adding impact on your joints.

  • RSR Technology

    Upgraded with the new Recoil Spring Resistance Technology for maximum durability and user resistance customization to enhance skiing experience.

  • More Efficient Calorie Burn

    Its seamless ski motion produces optimal oxygen consumption, promoting weight loss and enhancing calorie burn for an intense workout.

  • Custom Routines

    Instructor-led fitness classes specially designed to help you achieve maximum calorie burn and muscle toning for an effective total body workout.

Meet Aeroski

Easy and simple home fitness machine


Easy and simple home fitness machine

30 Day Money-Back guarantee

Train like a skier, from your own home
Quality Guaranteed

If you don't love working out with Aeroski, enjoy our 30 day money-back guarantee.

Live Classes

Join our community and enjoy coach-led live and on-demand classes.

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What our customers love about Aeroski

"I absolutely love this machine. I do it for 30 min a day. Already seeing results. I never imagined exercising could be so fun."

“Seriously- especially now with the gyms closed - now is the time lol! It’s actually really fun and I will be using this even when the gym is open. Low impact on the joints and something that justifies binge watching."

“As an avid skier and ski instructor, I fell in love with this machine from day 1. By simulating the sensation and motion of skiing, I have been able to work on my rhythm and technique, all while keeping my whole body (especially my core, legs, and feet) in mid-season form, year-round. If you love skiing, Aeroski is THE machine to get! PS: my kids love it too, which is a major bonus--less time on the bunny hill, and more time finding fresh POW.”

“I have received mine (yesterday). Assembly was minimal, the handle is extremely sturdy as are the poles. I was AMAZED at how easy and sturdy the Aeroski is. I was afraid of trying to get my feet on the platform, but it is wide and sets firmly in place. I am 67 and have had a knee replacement, back surgery and 7 torn meniscus repairs on my other knee. The first time on this, I spent half an hour and it went by so fast and I felt GREAT!! I could feel muscles that I have not felt being used before. I HIGHLY recommend the Aeroski!!”

“I Love This!! Highly recommend this. The app is fun! I am just a beginner. So far everything is exactly what it looks like. Fast Shipping! Everything there that was needed. The App for the VR is easy to figure out. I do hope the app gets updated as time goes on. Making it much cooler skiing. Haha I am very happy! Placed it in our garage for now. Building a home gym soon.”

“I’m in love with my Aeroski, it is so much fun . Also like that they offer live workouts with coach Jaime, you really feel motivated and they are very enjoyable.”

Receive as Gifts

FREE VR Headset for a total 3D SKI experience, VR Fitness APP & Ski Poles

Improve your overall fitness

Its unique versatile design allows you to have an alpine experience in your living room with the benefits of this demanding and effective sport. Clinical Studies proved that Aeroski is more efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than cycling on a stationary bike or a treadmill.

VR Headset and Fitness App

Download the App from your smartphone and enjoy Aeroski’s fitness App and Immersive Reality Viewer. Experience an Alpine world workout that keeps you engaged and wanting more.

Burn calories and increase oxygen consumption while being kind to your joints

Aeroski provides all the benefits of a ski machine so you’ll never want to walk on that boring treadmill again. By exercising on an Aeroski, you’ll enjoy a low-impact, full-body, and immersive workout for a leaner, healthier, and stronger body.