Aeroski Satisfaction Guarantee

From the team behind Aeroski, Inova offers exclusive products across the globe. With Aeroski ski exercise machines, our mission is to provide quality fitness equipment, ski machine gyms, inspire healthy habits and an excellent shopping and fitness experience.

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Aeroski Money-Back Guarantee Details

Hit the slopes at home with total confidence in your Aeroski ski training machine with our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee comes at no additional cost to you when you purchase one of our Aeroski ski machines. 

If you’re not satisfied with your Aeroski ski exercise machine or if one of our products fails to meet your performance expectations within the first 30 days of your initial purchase, Inova recognizes that you are entitled to a refund or an exchange.
For those who have tried the Aeroski ski machine and have enjoyed using the product, users are entitled to a 1-year spare parts guarantee, which ensures the replacement of any failed, broken or lost parts of their Aeroski equipment. This guarantee only applies to the original owners of Aeroski ski machines and voids if the machine is sold, traded or given to another user.

Details Overview

All guarantees include Aeroski ski machine gym equipment performance and user satisfaction
30 Day Money-Back/Exchange guarantee limited to date of Aeroski purchase
This guarantee is absolutely free and costs nothing to original Aeroski Ski machine owners
Original Aeroski owners are entitled to a 1-year spare parts guarantee in addition to the 30-Day Money-Back/Exchange guarantee
Spare parts include any of the original parts or equipment provided with the initial purchase of the Aeroski ski machine.