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Why Walk in Place When You Can Use This Treadmill Alternative

Why Walk in Place When You Can Use This Treadmill Alternative

Aeroski: The Best Treadmill Alternative Available

The treadmill is one of the most common at-home exercise machines and is a staple in every fitness facility. While the treadmill is certainly a classic, it's not the most exciting piece of exercise equipment available today.

Using a treadmill for even a short period can feel monotonous and take the fun out of your workouts. After all, it's hard to stick to a regular workout routine when exercising feels like a chore. Finding the right treadmill alternative can help inspire you to start enjoying exercise again and be able to build on your fitness goals.

Here is everything you need to know about why Aeroski's skiing fitness machine is the best treadmill alternative on the market. With Aeroski, you can make boring workout routines a thing of the past. 

Make Workouts Fun

Walking or running on a treadmill can quickly get old. The best reason to seek out a treadmill alternative is to amp up the fun level for your workouts. A treadmill can take a workout from something you look forward to and transform it into something you want to avoid. When you enjoy working out, you're more likely to continue exercising and developing your fitness abilities. 

Here are some of the exciting ways Aeroski can make the exercise experience more enjoyable:

  • Dynamic Movement — Whether you use your treadmill to walk, jog or run, it's hard to ignore the feeling that you're simply moving in place and not making any progress. The monotony of a treadmill's movement makes it feel like you aren't going anywhere and might even make you dread getting on the exercise machine. If this is the case, Aeroski's skiing fitness machine will be a welcome relief. Aeroski emulates the dynamic motion of downhill skiing, making it a treadmill alternative that offers a much more enjoyable workout experience. 
  • VR Goggles — When you're using a treadmill, you're probably staring at the blank wall of the home gym or fitness center as you walk or run in place. It's hard to feel inspired to keep pushing yourself when your exercise experience is limited by the machine's monotonous nature and surroundings. Aeroski offers VR goggles as an add-on to allow you to immerse yourself in the virtual skiing destination of your choice for a truly interactive experience. Whether you prefer an alpine getaway or a scenic forest trail, it's sure to beat looking at the plain wall across from your old treadmill.
  • Take Live Classes — After you set up your Aeroski machine, you can download the free Aeroski fitness app and participate in live classes from coaches who know how to make working out effective and fun. There are a variety of custom routines to choose from to help you reach your fitness goals with this treadmill alternative. Get started with HIIT workouts or focus on strength training. Aeroski's courses are designed to work for skiing fitness lovers of all ages, making them an excellent choice for a family-friendly exercise experience. Try setting family workout goals and share in the Aeroski fun together!

Mimic a Real-Life Experience

Running on a treadmill is not the same as running on a hiking trail or even around your neighborhood. That's because treadmills don't do a good job mimicking the conditions of running in the real world. If you use a treadmill in most of your workouts, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep exercising when it feels so far away from any real-life activity.

If you run on a trail or the street, you'll have to deal with variations such as surface changes and your body is challenged to adapt throughout the running experience. The belt on a treadmill is smooth and doesn't vary like conditions do in real-life. While some treadmills offer features like incline changes, it's still not a great match for the outdoors because it was not designed to be. 

Aeroski, on the other hand, was created to feel as adventurous as skiing. When working out with Aeroski, you're putting your body through the same motions required to chart a path on the slopes. The same muscle groups engaged when you ski in the real world are engaged when you use Aeroski. 

Aeroski is an excellent treadmill alternative because it makes you feel like you're having a real-life skiing fitness experience. Whether you're looking for a way to maintain your skiing fitness in the offseason or simply want an exciting exercise to replace your treadmill, Aeroski will revolutionize how you work out at home.

Maximize Your Workout Space

Treadmills tend to be heavy and bulky, and their old-fashioned design can make for a real eyesore that overtakes your fitness space. Your home gym should feel like an enjoyable and inspiring space. Switching out your old treadmill for a great treadmill alternative like Aeroski is the key to making this happen.

Aeroski not only has a visually-pleasing unique design to elevate the look of your space. But it also solves the treadmill's problem of taking up too much room. Aeroski is easy to fold and store once you finish your workout. You can easily move Aeroski to a different location if you'd like to switch up your surroundings. Try using your Aeroski on your back porch so you can enjoy fresh air to complement the immersive alpine experience, or set it up in your friend's living room next to their Aeroski so you can take a skiing fitness class together!

Make the Most of Your Workout

Long-term use of treadmills for cardio workouts can lead to disappointing results. You feel like you're just walking or running in place and not getting anywhere near your fitness goals. A treadmill works out your lower body but does not provide any actual benefits to your upper body. To work out your whole body with a treadmill, you would have to combine your treadmill exercise with another fitness activity such as lifting weights. Or, you could find a fantastic treadmill alternative like Aeroski instead.

Finding time to work out can be challenging, and you want to make sure that the exercise you choose maximizes the time you spend using it. Aeroski is a treadmill alternative that works out your entire body. An Aeroski workout engages all of the major muscle groups, unlike a treadmill, so you can accomplish more while still using just one exercise machine. When you select Aeroski as the star of your regular fitness routine, you can be sure you'll be making the most of the time you invest in working out. 

Choose the Best Treadmill Alternative: Aeroski

If you've grown tired of your borig treadmill workouts and have searched for the best treadmill alternative on the market, look no further than Aeroski. Aeroski offers a dynamic and engaging skiing fitness experience that can't be matched by a treadmill's stationary and monotonous movements. It works out the entire body and all main muscle groups, while a treadmill only benefits the lower body. Even better, Aeroski provides a comprehensive fitness activity with just one machine. 

But it's not just a workout either. Choosing Aeroski as a treadmill alternative makes for a fun and exciting workout routine. The Aeroski VR headset transports you into the alpine experience of your dreams as you power through all of your fitness goals

Try Aeroski today to bring the best treadmill alternative to your home and transform your workout experience! 

4 Ways to Build an Effective At-Home Workout Plan with Aeroski

4 Ways to Build an Effective At-Home Workout Plan with Aeroski

The Aeroski Guide to Building An Effective At-Home Workout Plan

For many Americans, sticking to a workout routine right in their own living room has proven extremely effective and easier than they thought. When you’re contemplating investing in a piece of home gym equipment like Aeroski, many want the assurance that they’ll stick with it. That’s where an at-home workout plan is vital.

Recent research shows that nearly 70 percent of Americans believe they don’t need to exercise at a physical gym anymore, and more than 50 percent said they feel so confident in their ability to stay fit with their own at-home workout plan that they will likely cancel their gym membership entirely if they haven’t done so already. 

How can you feel that confident in your at-home workout plan, too? Follow Aeroski’s guide to building a workout routine that fits with your lifestyle, and you’ll be enjoying a consistent lifestyle of health and happiness in no time. 

Carve Out Manageable Time Slots

Whenever we start something new, it’s easy to go all-in and burn out fast. But when creating an at-home workout plan that you can stick to consistently, the key lies in setting realistic expectations.

But remember: that doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners. You can have an effective and healthy workout by chunking it into smaller amounts of time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even breaks down your time goals. For moderate-intensity aerobic activity, the CDC recommends 150 minutes a week. That could be: 

  • Five 30-minute workouts per week
  • Two 15-minute workouts per day, five days a week (one in the morning and another at night)
  • Three 50-minute workouts per week
  • Or, whatever works for your that equals 150 minutes

You get the picture. Take that recommended 150-minute workout time and portion it out to fit your schedule. Don’t feel like you need to work out an hour every day of the week if that’s unmanageable for you. Follow the CDC guidelines and start small. 

And remember that your Aeroski can burn more calories than a treadmill or stationary bike, so any amount of time you spend doing skiing fitness on it will be supercharged and highly effective, making every minute count.

Make It fun

Another key component to sticking with an effective at-home workout plan is making it fun. If you don’t enjoy your workout, you’re not going to do it. Finding an exercise you genuinely enjoy that turns your sweat session from a chore to a fun time will be your secret to sticking with a consistent healthy lifestyle.

Finding a fun piece of workout equipment could be the first step. For many people, Aeroski isn’t just a highly effective cardio machine. It’s their fun entertainment at the end of the day. Pair it with the VR Goggles and poles, and you’ve upgraded your workout to an entire virtual reality experience that makes you feel like you’re skiing on the slopes.

Studies show that skiing fitness is highly effective with many health benefits, so incorporating a sport that’s already known for its fun factor can really help you meet your health goals.

Whether you add the VR goggles or enjoy doing your skiing fitness workout in front of your favorite TV show, Aeroski is very easy to incorporate into your daily entertainment while also working out. 

Count Your Chore Time!

When committing to an effective at-home workout plan, another vital tip is to be consistent. However, we definitely don’t want it to begin to feel like a chore. That’s not fun for anyone and will most likely lead you away from your healthy workouts and back toward old habits that give you the dopamine hits you crave simply because they’re more fun.

If you love your Aeroski one day but need a break another, that’s okay! Factor in your real-life chores as a workout to make sure your fun Aeroski workout doesn’t ever feel like a chore.

That’s right — you can burn significant calories simply by cleaning your house. By cleaning for at least 10 minutes straight (and maybe throw in some upbeat tunes while you work), you’ll be able to get your heart pumping enough to make it count!

Whether you decide to shorten your Aeroski session to only 10 minutes and then clean for the other 20 or decide to use your entire workout session to do a deep clean to get your sweat on — here’s an example of the amazing calorie burns you can achieve while doing everyday tasks:

  • Vacuuming your house
    • For someone who is 120 pounds, you can burn 99 calories by vacuuming your house. A 150-pound person can zap up to 124 calories, and someone around 200 pounds can sweat away 166 calories.
  • Mowing your lawn
    • Using a push mower will help you burn calories. For 30 minutes of mowing, you can burn 135 calories if you’re 125 pounds and 200 calories if you’re around 185 pounds. Have a push mower that doesn’t use any power? You can add 30 to 40 more calories to those totals. 
  • Washing your car
    • Washing your dirty car by hand for 30 minutes can burn around 135 calories if you weigh 125 pounds and 200 calories if you weigh 185 pounds.
  • Changing Your Sheets
    • Stripping and remaking beds for 30 minutes not only will give you a nice, clean sleeping surface, it’ll also burn 187 calories for a 125-pound person and up to 300 calories for someone who weighs 200 pounds.
  • Cleaning Up after Dinner
    • Everyone’s got to eat. Now your healthy meal is pulling double time. A mere 30 minutes spent washing dishes by hand and cleaning the kitchen can help you burn up 187 calories for a 125-pound person and 300 calories for someone who weighs 200 pounds.

Reward Yourself With Your Extra Free-Time

One of the best benefits of sticking to an at-home workout plan is all the time you save going to and from the gym. Think about what all goes into a single evening trip to the gym:

  • Driving to and from the gym
  • Finding a parking spot and checking in
  • Changing in the locker room (especially when it’s busy)
  • Waiting for your favorite machines to not be in use
  • Waiting for your favorite group class to start
  • Cleaning up in the locker room and packing up

It all adds up! What may take an hour and a half after work at the gym can sometimes only equal maybe 30 or 40 minutes of active working out time. But at home, you set your schedule and make the rules. There are no commute times or long waits.

So what should you do with all that extra time? Reward yourself! Work in a special non-workout reward as part of your at-home workout plan with all the time you save.

If you know that after your 30-minute sweat session, you can relax with a bubble bath or watch your favorite show that you never have time for, you’ll most likely stick with your workout routine. 

A recent poll discovered 82 percent of Americans appreciate that their new at-home workout plans that they’ve started due to the pandemic have allowed them to find more purposeful alone time. Use this perk to your advantage, and you’ll find that your at-home workout plan is so much easier to stick with than you expected.

Aeroski Makes At-Home Workouts Easy

Want to spice up your at-home workout plan by incorporating skiing fitness? Try Aeroski today! 

Not only will you receive one of the most fun at-home exercise machines on the market, but you will have access to skiing fitness support and videos to help guide you every step of the way. Click here to learn more.

At-Home Workout For Back Strength 101

At-Home Workout For Back Strength 101

Why An At-Home Workout For Back Strength is Essential for Athletes


As an athlete, you’re probably already well-versed in the importance of core strength, but do you know how essential back strength is? From planks to crunches to toe-taps, there are plenty of suggestions out there for working on strengthening your core. Back strength doesn’t always get the same level of attention, but it definitely should.

Aeroski knows that back strength is just as important as core strength and believes that finding an at-home workout for back strength that is easy to get started with shouldn’t be difficult. Adding an at-home workout for back strength to your regular fitness routine is key to improving your overall athletic abilities. 

Whether you are an athlete hoping to build up endurance or improve your skiing fitness, an at-home workout for back strength can help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Here are all of the reasons why an at-home workout for back strength is essential for every athlete out there. 

The Importance of Back Strength

When you think of the most important muscle groups to target in your fitness plan, areas of the body such as the arms, legs, shoulders and chest probably come to mind. The back might be an afterthought when it comes to planning your daily workout routine, but it shouldn’t be. While it’s easy to understand what muscle groups like the arms and legs do in everyday life, the exact importance and function of the back are less obvious. Here are some of the essential functions of the back:

  • Support — The back is a major source of support in the body. Muscles in the back provide support to the spine and the entire upper body. This support is vital to any athlete.
  • Movement and Stability — The muscles in the back form connections with many other essential body parts. Different types of back muscles have their own functions and can help mobilize and stabilize other muscles so you can perform various movements. 
  • Everyday Actions — When you can seamlessly perform daily actions such as sitting in a chair or standing up, you have the muscles in your back to thank.
  • Breathing — The back is not just crucial for support and movement. There are also muscles in the back that connect with the ribs and help support breathing

Achieve Better Posture

An at-home workout for back strength can improve body posture, and the goal of achieving optimal posture can be reached by maintaining a strong back. The stronger back muscles are, the better they can support the body and maintain a proper posture. While a better posture can benefit anyone, it is key for athletes. A proper posture can support improved blood circulation, deep breathing, and core strength and lessen the amount of stress placed on joints, muscles, and other body parts during a workout. 

Good posture is vital for skiers. A good natural posture helps improve skiing fitness by supporting the skier’s ability to maintain the ideal position of their body once they hit the slopes. Proper posture and great skiing fitness go hand in hand because once a skier has mastered the correct stance for skiing, they can expertly move down the incline and make smooth, fast turns with ease. 

Aeroski’s skiing fitness machine is an excellent option for an at-home workout for back strength for all athletes but can be especially useful for skiers. Aeroski mimics the motion of downhill skiing, ensuring it works out the back and other muscles in the same way that real skiing does. 

Lower Your Risk of Injury

Incorporating an at-home workout for back strength into your regular fitness routine can also lower your risk of injury. If you go into your workouts with a strong back, the muscles in your back are less likely to get injured during your exercise program. An at-home workout for back strength is not only crucial for preventing back injuries. 

It can help reduce the chance of other injuries as well. Strong back muscles help you stay in the proper form for each exercise throughout your entire workout. When your body can hold itself in the correct position for each workout, you are less likely to move the wrong way and have a lower chance of suffering injuries. 

Manage Existing Back Pain

Preventing new injuries from occurring is important, but so is dealing with the aftereffects of pre-existing injuries or health conditions. If you already have recurring back pain or are more prone to suffering from it when you exercise, an at-home workout for back strength can help you manage it. An exercise plan can be developed in consultation with a trainer or physician who is familiar with your particular pain levels and individual situation to help you achieve back pain relief. An at-home workout for back strength can reduce stiffness, allow for a greater range of motion and help make back pain occur less often and be less painful overall. 

Focusing on exercises that target the back muscles can help improve back strength and back pain in the long run, even if it is slightly uncomfortable or difficult to start with. Any athlete is probably familiar with some level of back pain, but skiers in particular often have to deal with back pain

Skiing places a lot of demand on the back — whether it involves maintaining a correct stance, lugging around heavy equipment or straining a back muscle from a fall or improper movement. 

Aeroski is the perfect at-home fitness solution that can help improve skiing fitness. Aeroski also offers a low-impact workout that targets all major muscle groups without placing stress on the body, making it the perfect at-home workout for back strength for those who need a joint-friendly skiing fitness solution. 

Improve Overall Performance

Gains made in back strength can lead to improvements in overall performance. For example, lower back strength can boost athletic performance by helping athletes stay in the ideal form for their sport, allowing them to do the sport more effectively. Back strength also helps with endurance and keeps an athlete from tiring out too quickly. 

For instance, improving the strength of back muscles can benefit skiing fitness for a skier by helping them perform tricks correctly and maintain a proper stance throughout the entire day on the slopes. A strong back can also support the rigorous exercise schedule an athlete needs to stay in shape and maintain their fitness level. An at-home workout for back strength should be a key part of any athlete’s exercise plan to help them stay on top of their game. 

Choose The Best At-Home Workout For Back Strength: Aeroski

Aeroski’s skiing fitness machine is the best at-home workout for back strength. Whether you are a skier looking to improve your back strength in the offseason or an athlete hoping to find a year-round solution to target back muscles, Aeroski is a perfect choice. Aeroski is a breeze to get started with and allows you to work out from the comfort of your living room. 

When you choose Aeroski as your at-home workout for back strength, you will also enjoy improvements in muscle strength in other parts of the body because Aeroski works out all of the body’s main muscle groups. Aeroski is an easy and convenient workout solution and the fitness benefits it offers can transfer into the other physical activities that you enjoy, from running to skiing fitness

Try Aeroski to get started with the best at-home workout for back strength today!

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