Aeroski Training Techniques

Breaking Down Low-Impact Ski Exercises (Overview)​

Getting in your daily exercise is important, but mastering the technique behind those workouts is even more essential. In many workout routines, not focusing on your form can lead to long-term injuries and painful joint wear. Luckily, Aeroski alpine ski training equipment is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to slide right into those low-impact ski exercises without worrying about the threat of injury.

Below, you’ll find:

  • Ski machine workout benefits
  • Beginner techniques
  • Intermediate training
  • Advanced training techniques
  • Using Our Ski Exercise App

Ski Machine Workout Benefits

Aeroski ski machine gym offers a unique exercise experience with many ski machine workout benefits. With fluid, side-to-side movements, users can enjoy a fun, cardiovascular-intensive workout. With its lightweight and easy-to-assemble design, users can experience:

  • Increased endurance
  • Upper body, lower body and core toning
  • Maximized calorie burn
  • Improved heart health
  • Developed and improved balance
  • A simplified way to measure steps, calories and heart rate

Start creating healthy habits today with the techniques that match your fitness level with Aeroski.

Beginner Techniques

Start your warmup and give your Aeroski low-impact ski exercises a go by starting out with easy, side to side movements. Use your ski poles for balance, and be sure to get the feel for your machine before diving into rapid intervals. Remember, you’ll want to reap as many ski machine workout benefits as possible, and that begins with understanding your machine. 

Intermediate Training

Use your downhill ski training exercise equipment to work up to some real ski scenarios using your VR downhill skiing goggles. Mix up your exercises by removing the poles from your Aeroski and engaging your core.  

Advanced Training Techniques

Stay focused and push your workout to the next level with your downhill ski training exercise equipment. Mix it up and increase the intensity of your workout by removing the poles, tightening your resistance bands and diving into your VR downhill skiing experience. Polish off a great workout with some cooldown exercises and log your progress using the Aeroski ski exercise app.

For additional ideas, techniques and intervals, check out our recommendations in our Youtube Channel.