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Easy, Fun, and Effective Cardio Workout

Easy and simple home fitness machine

Works all major muscle groups

Catering to all age and fitness levels, improving your strength and endurance without adding impact on your joints.

More Efficient Calorie Burn

Its seamless ski motion produces optimal oxygen consumption, promoting weight loss and enhancing calorie burn for an intense workout.

RSR Technology

Upgraded with the new Recoil Spring Resistance Technology for maximum durability and user resistance customization to enhance skiing experience.

Custom Routines

Instructor-led fitness classes specially designed to help you achieve maximum calorie burn and muscle toning for an effective total body workout.

Meet Aeroski

Easy and simple home fitness machine

Train like a skier, from your own home

  • Quality Guaranteed

    If you don't love working out with Aeroski, enjoy our 30 day money-back guarantee.

  • Live Classes

    Join our community and enjoy coach-led live and on-demand classes.

  • Pay Over Time

    Make monthly payments with no hidden fees with Affirm.

Improve your overall fitness

Its unique versatile design allows you to have an alpine experience in your living room with the benefits of this demanding and effective sport. Clinical Studies proved that Aeroski is more efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than cycling on a stationary bike or a treadmill.

VR Headset and Fitness App

Download the App from your smartphone and enjoy Aeroski’s fitness App and Immersive Reality Viewer. Experience an Alpine world workout that keeps you engaged and wanting more.