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Good Home Workouts 101 with Aeroski

7 Elements to a Good Home Workout

7 Elements to a Good Home Workout

There are plenty of reasons to work out at home. There are no costly membership fees or time-consuming commutes when you exercise in your living room instead of at a gym or fitness center. You also get to avoid the germs on equipment at the gym and don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious while exercising since there’s no one else around to see you. That also means there are no wait times to use the machines and do the exercises you want to do. Best of all, you have more flexibility to fit good home workouts into your busy schedule when you have the time, not just when the gym is open.

It’s no question that at-home exercises are a great way to work out regularly and on your own terms. The benefits of at-home exercises can’t be matched by other traditional forms of fitness. There’s only one question left: what makes a good home workout? 

Good home workouts aren’t just about being effective. Read on to find out all of the best qualities of at-home exercises with Aeroski, and how all of these elements combine to qualify fitness sessions with Aeroski as good home workouts

Fun FitnessFun Fitness

Good home workouts are fun! After all, at-home exercises aren’t beneficial at all if you end up struggling to feel motivated to complete them. Other traditional exercise machines can quickly become monotonous and lead to workout dread. With Aeroski, home workouts are sure to be a healthy activity you look forward to instead of one that feels like a chore. Aeroski’s at-home exercise machine has a unique glide motion that is unlike any other home fitness equipment. Good home workouts with Aeroski provide dynamic movement that will help you meet your fitness goals instead of struggling to overcome workout boredom.


Beginning your fitness journey with Aeroski is simple. Once you bring your Aeroski machine home, it’s easy to assemble and get started with. Good home workouts make exercise convenient. There’s nothing worse than committing to a new fitness method only to find out that it’s difficult to use or impossible to set up. You won’t have to worry about facing this disappointment when you choose Aeroski. The Aeroski machine is also portable, so you can easily move it around the house to give yourself a change of scenery whenever you like. Add some variety to your fitness routine by completing at-home exercises in the living room, on the back porch or in your home gym. 

Creative WorkoutsCreative Workouts

Good home workouts make exercise enjoyable. One important feature of enjoyable workouts is creativity. Completing the same at-home exercises day after day can not only make you lose interest in working out, but can decrease the effectiveness of your efforts. Over time, as your fitness skills grow and factors like your strength and endurance improve, it’s essential to continue to challenge yourself. That means adapting your workouts as you go, manipulating features like workout length, difficulty level and the type of moves that are included. 

Aeroski makes incorporating creativity into your at-home exercise simple. With the help of the Aeroski app, you can easily customize routines based on the desired workout length and intensity level. You can also choose from good home workouts that focus specifically on cardio or toning, or a combination of the two. If you want greater freedom in planning your workouts, you can use the custom routines in Aeroski’s app as a jumping off point. Once you get used to your Aeroski machine and learn the different moves, you can put together creative routines of your own that work for you and your goals. 

Safe ExerciseSafe Exercise

While enjoying your fitness sessions is key to promoting long-term workout motivation and satisfaction, safety is another essential feature of good home workouts. The best home workouts are the ones that you feel comfortable completing and that are also fun. Aeroski checks both of these boxes. Aeroski is not only fun, but is also a safe at-home exercise option. It’s a low-impact total-body workout. If you have joint conditions or are worried about putting excess strain on your body, Aeroski has you covered. 

Aeroski uses your own body weight as resistance so no unnecessary stress is put on your joints, making it a great low-impact alternative to other at-home exercises. Aeroski comes with elastic resistance bands that allow you to easily adjust the machine to work for your body weight. The Aeroski machine was made for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you are a seasoned fitness expert or are a newcomer searching for the perfect exercise to include in a regular fitness routine, Aeroski is a safe and effective option. 


Good home workouts give you the freedom to work out on your own terms, but still keep you connected to the fitness world. They use technology to enhance your individual exercise experience. Aeroski accomplishes this with the free Aeroski app. The app features classes led by expert coaches that can guide your workouts. Choose from courses like ‘Upper Body HIIT’, ‘Core + Cardio Workout’ and ‘Lower Body Tone’, just to name a few. These classes can help focus your at-home exercise efforts and make sure you don’t feel like you’re completely on your own. Whether you need guidance or inspiration to propel your fitness journey forward, the Aeroski app can help. 

Rewarding Workouts

Rewarding Workouts

One way to tell good home workouts from bad home workouts is how you feel after you complete them. Good home workouts should leave you feeling rewarded, as if you’ve made significant progress toward your goals. When you choose to work out with Aeroski, you’re sure to feel like your fitness efforts are worthwhile. Aeroski is a total-body workout that engages each of the major muscle groups in the body at the same time during each fitness session. When you step on the Aeroski, you’ll be working out your upper body, lower body, back and core all at once. The effects of total-body exercise you feel when you work out with Aeroski make all the time and effort you put in worthwhile. 

Versatile Fitness

Versatile Fitness

Another element of good home workouts is versatility. Your local gym will probably have more equipment than your home gym, but that doesn’t mean your at-home fitness efforts will be any less effective. As long as you outfit your home gym with the right exercise equipment, you’ll be able to make progress towards your workout objectives. Good home workouts can help you accomplish any fitness goal, and won’t leave you feeling like you have to compromise on any part of your exercise journey just because you choose to work out from home. 

Aeroski’s at-home exercise machine can be used to meet multiple fitness goals. For example, one of your goals might be to tone your muscles. To accomplish this with other fitness methods, you would need multiple pieces of equipment, like free weights and a cardio machine. Aeroski combines the power of cardio exercise with resistance training to effectively tone the body with the use of just one at-home machine. You can work towards a wide range of other fitness goals with Aeroski as well, such as trying out HIIT training, improving endurance or increasing your strength. 

Enjoy Good Home Workouts with Aeroski

Enjoy Good Home Workouts with Aeroski

Working out at home is a great option. It provides ease and flexibility to your fitness routine. While at-home exercises are definitely convenient, they shouldn’t be any less effective or enjoyable than other forms of exercise. The best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your at-home exercise is to choose good home workouts, like those with Aeroski. Good home workouts from Aeroski are safe, fun and easy to get started with. Aeroski at-home exercises are also creative, rewarding and versatile, and can be enhanced with the use of the Aeroski app. If you’ve tried other at-home workout options that have fallen short and left you disappointed, look to Aeroski for good home workouts that will help you improve your fitness abilities and have fun along the way. 

Give Aeroski a try today to make good home workouts a part of your regular fitness routine! 

Exercise 101: How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do?

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do On Aeroski To See Results?

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do On Aeroski To See Results?

There are many health benefits to working out regularly. One of the most well-known ones is stress-relief. When you maintain a consistent exercise routine as part of a balanced lifestyle, it can be hugely beneficial for both your mental and physical health. 

Stress about working out, however, can get in the way of the stress-relief benefits of exercise. Fitness sessions themselves shouldn’t be stressful, but they often are. Worries about finding enough time in your schedule to exercise, planning an effective workout, and trying to determine whether or not an exercise is working for you can all take away from the workout experience. 

The best way to combat these sources of stress is to answer questions like “How long do workouts take to see results?” and “How many reps and sets should I do on Aeroski?” In this article, find out the answers to all your questions about Aeroski workouts and at-home exercises. 

Read on to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the results you want from your workouts, so you can focus more on enjoying exercise instead of stressing about it.

How Long Does Exercise Take to See Results?How Long Does Exercise Take to See Results?

Whenever you start a new exercise program, it’s only natural to worry about factors like “How long will it take for me to meet my fitness goals?” and “How many reps and sets should I do?”. Committing to a fitness routine requires a significant investment of your time and effort. It only makes sense that you would wonder how long it will take for you to see the results that make this commitment worthwhile. 

A good place to start in putting these worries to rest is answering the question, “How long does exercise take to see results in general?” Two main factors are responsible for how effective your workouts are:

  • Frequency — If you only work out once a week, it’s unlikely that you’ll see sustained results from your workouts or at-home exercises. Making exercise sessions a regular part of your weekly schedule is key to their effectiveness. Basic guidelines from the American Heart Association encourage a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week, or intense exercise for 25 minutes, three days a week. These levels of frequency are good goals to work towards as you begin your exercise journey. If you’re completely new to the world of working out, you can start off slow, such as by exercising as little as 5 or 10 minutes each day, until you feel more comfortable and work up from there. As your fitness abilities improve, you will probably be able to increase the length of your exercise sessions — even beyond 25 or 30 minutes each day — to challenge yourself and make more progress. 
  • Consistency — Another important factor in getting results from exercise is consistency. If you work out five days a week but only do so one week out of the month, or only work out a couple of days every now and then, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet your fitness goals. The best way to make exercise work for you is to make it a regular part of your lifestyle. Treat your fitness sessions as a fixed part of your schedule, like brushing your teeth or walking your dog. If you stick to your fitness routine, you might be able to see some results after just 4 weeks of regular workouts. 

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do on Aeroski?How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do on Aeroski?

Planning to work out often and consistently is a good first step towards seeing exercise results, but the next step is actually finding a workout that is right for you. Aeroski is a great option, offering a full-body workout and at-home exercises that are enjoyable and convenient. 

Aeroski is a great at-home exercise, making it a no-brainer to choose as your main exercise method. Even once you’ve made this decision, however, you’ll be left wondering how to use this fitness strategy. Any time you get started with a new type of exercise, you’ll probably ask yourself questions like “How do I plan an effective workout routine?” and ‘How many reps and sets should I do?”.

Planning an effective workout routine starts with knowing how many reps and sets you should do during each fitness session. One way to determine what your workouts should look like is to take inspiration from sample exercise routines. The Aeroski app makes this simple. All you need to do is select your desired intensity level and training time, and the app will generate a custom routine for you. Here are some examples of routines that answer the question “How many reps and sets should I do?” on Aeroski:

  • Beginner Cardio Routine — If you’re just starting out with exercise, it’s best to begin slowly with your Aeroski routine. You might decide to choose a beginner intensity level by using the Fixed Handrails as you glide at a moderate place, and workout for 10 minutes at a time. This kind of routine would include 2 sets on your Aeroski. Each set would include a variety of moves like standing upright with only a slight bend to the knee as well and dropping to a quarter squat position, bringing more tension into the quadriceps with the added knee flexion as you glide.
  • Intermediate Toning Routine — An intermediate routine is a good choice if you have some exercise experience but aren’t ready for advanced level routines yet on your Aeroski. If one of your fitness goals with at-home exercises is to increase your muscle tone, Aeroski has toning routines to choose from. Transition over to the ski poles for a 20-minute intermediate cardio routine to accomplish this could include 7 sets with a variety of exercises like half squat sprints and quarter squat sprints.
  • Advanced Cardio Routine — Deciding how many reps and sets you should do in the beginning of your exercise journey is important, but so is adapting your routine to your changing fitness abilities. Full body workouts with Aeroski will help you improve your endurance and skills. You’ll want to increase the intensity and length of your workouts to continue to challenge yourself and improve your stamina and endurance. You might choose an advanced 35-minute routine that would include 4 sets filled with a variety of challenging moves like tricep kickbacks, hammer curls and overhead squats, and sprints. 

To find out the answer to “How many reps and sets should I do on Aeroski?”, make sure to download the Aeroski app and choose a customized routine that works for your fitness level and goals. 

Meet Your Fitness Goals with Aeroski

Meet Your Fitness Goals with Aeroski

If you’ve been searching for the right workout to help you meet your exercise goals, look no further than Aeroski. Aeroski’s exercise machine offers an enjoyable and effective exercise experience. It’s a full-body workout that targets all the major muscle groups in the body at once. The free Aeroski app can help guide your fitness journey with classes led by expert coaches and custom routines that are sure to help you answer the question, “How many reps and sets should I do?”. You’ll be able to focus more on making fitness progress and less on workout stress. Best of all, these at-home exercises can be completed from the comfort of your home gym, living room, balcony, or any other place in your house. Don’t forget to also to shop for accessories to make your workout experience even more fun and challenging. 

Try Aeroski today to meet your fitness goals! 

Make Fitness Goals Fun with Aeroski

Make Fitness Goals Fun with Aeroski

6 Fun Ways to Meet Your Fitness Goals With Aeroski

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the workout world, it’s usually relatively easy to come up with fitness goals. The hard part comes in when it’s time to actually meet those goals and continue to make progress over time. 

The biggest challenge that gets in the way of meeting fitness goals is sticking to a workout schedule in the long run. With many traditional fitness programs, the initial excitement of starting a new activity quickly fades away. Your weekly workout plan can easily become something you dread until you simply stop making time for it altogether. 

The best way to get over this hurdle in your fitness journey is to learn how to enjoy working out. When you make exercise fun, you’ll be much more motivated to put in the time and effort to make all of your fitness goals come true. 

If you’ve been searching for a fun at-home exercise machine, look no further than Aeroski. Aeroski offers an exercise experience that is both enjoyable and effective. Read on to find out 6 of our best tips on meeting your fitness goals while having fun with Aeroski

Change Up The Scenery

Working out at home is definitely a convenient exercise solution. Whether you need to fit in a fitness session before you head to the office, during your at-home lunch break or late at night after the kids have gone to bed, a home gym can be a huge asset. 

The one downside of working out at home is that it’s easy to grow tired of your surroundings. Traditional at-home workout machines tend to be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to move once they’re set up. That means you’ll be stuck looking at the same walls every time you step on the machine, which can quickly lead to workout boredom

Luckily, not all at-home exercise machines are created equally. Aeroski is a step above the rest when it comes to versatility. Aeroski is lightweight and easy store away when you’re finished using it. 

With Aeroski, you’ll have a lot of flexibility over where you set up your machine each day. You can work out in the comfort of your bedroom, in the living room while you watch your favorite TV show or in the kitchen so you can socialize with your family or keep an eye on the kids while you exercise. 

If you want to take in the great outdoors, it’s simple to set up the machine on your back porch, balcony or outdoor patio. There’s nothing like fresh air to inspire you to meet your fitness goals and learn how to enjoy working out

Improve Your Approach

Choosing the right exercise for you is important, but it’s not the only factor that matters when you’re searching for ways to enjoy working out. It’s also essential to make sure the exercise works for you. You can change your mindset and attitude to help improve how you view exercise as a whole. 

When you change the way you approach working out, you might be surprised by how much you end up looking forward to your workouts and how much progress you make toward your fitness goals. Here are just a few ways to change the way you exercise for the better: 

Be Optimistic

If you go into your fitness journey with a negative attitude, you’re much less likely to learn how to enjoy working out and meet your fitness goals. It’s hard to make progress when you doubt that it’s even possible. The best way to combat the effects of a negative attitude is simply to keep an open mind. 

Instead of worrying that you’re not going to meet your fitness goals as soon as you want to, appreciate the fact that you’re working out in the first place and remind yourself that progress takes time. Any step forward is one worth celebrating. Your optimism is sure to be rewarded when you put your faith in effective workouts with Aeroski.

Choose Fun Goals

Another great way to change how you approach your exercise routine is to be mindful of the types of fitness goals you’re focusing on. If your fitness goals are causing you more stress than motivation, it’s time for them to go. You can choose fun goals that inspire you to work out instead. 

No goal is too small or too silly as long as it works for you. For example, instead of tying your goals to how long you work out or how many of a particular exercise move you can accomplish, pick goals that will enhance your experience. Some great options include sharing your workouts with a friend, feeling healthier overall and trying a new fitness routine at least once a month. 

Another helpful way to approach fitness goals is to connect them to real-world experiences. One example could be improving your endurance enough to be able to run in a 5K with your family or a marathon in a city you’ve never been to. 

Alternatively, you might want to strengthen your core so you can go on the kayaking trip you’ve been dreaming of next summer or build upper body strength so you can confidently rock climb with friends. Total body workouts with Aeroski can help you meet any of these fitness goals with ease.

Listen to Music

If you’ve been wondering how to enjoy working out, don’t underestimate small changes. Something as simple as listening to music while you work out can significantly improve your overall experience. You can even match the music to your surroundings or to your specific goals. 

Choose light, calming music if you’re working out in your backyard on a peaceful morning. If you've set up in your home gym and want to add some excitement to your workout, choose upbeat tracks to inspire your motivation. If your fun fitness goals involve traveling to new places and exploring the exciting activities they offer, curate a playlist with artists from the areas you aspire to visit. 

Switch Up Your Workout

Another tip on how to enjoy working out is to incorporate variety into your fitness sessions. No matter how fun your fitness goals are, it’s easy to feel like giving up when you’re stuck in a workout rut. Even if you’ve started to make progress toward your fitness goals, you can lose momentum when you feel like you’re doing the same routine day after day and stop putting in as much effort. 

A surefire way to prevent this from happening is to switch up your workout every now and then. If you’ve been focusing on upper body strength for a while, try putting more effort into your core or lower body for a change. You can also give HIIT exercise a chance to try something new. Aeroski makes switching up your routine easy. Check out the Aeroski app for a selection of custom routines to choose from. 

Pick Effective Exercise

It’s no question that there is nothing fun about committing to a regular fitness routine only to be disappointed by the results. There are plenty of fitness trends out there that promise a fun experience but fail to deliver actual physical benefits. That’s why picking the right type of exercise is so important. 

With Aeroski, you’ll never have to worry about choosing between effective workouts and enjoying yourself. Aeroski is more than just a fun, dynamic exercise. It’s also a highly effective fitness solution. Total body workouts with Aeroski engage your upper body, lower body and core all at once. By targeting all of the body’s major muscle groups at the same time, Aeroski helps strengthen and tone muscles and improve endurance. 

Try Aeroski today to not only meet your fitness goals, but have plenty of fun along the way!

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