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Low Impact Cardio Workouts Help Bad Knees

Low Impact Cardio Workouts Help Bad Knees

 The Best Low Impact Cardio Workout for Bad Knees

Nothing is as debilitating as chronic joint pain or a sports injury. Knee pain makes even the most basic activities like walking feel impossible and uncomfortable. However, medical professionals agree that engaging in low impact cardio workouts and leg workouts at home can be the key to alleviating many painful symptoms for those with bad knees.

However, it can be a struggle to find the perfect low impact cardio workout: one that is both effective and enjoyable. You also need a workout that won't aggravate your pain, and is safe to do on your own. 

Fortunately, low impact cardio workouts have gotten a fantastic glow up over the last couple years, especially when it comes to Aeroski's unique skiing fitness strategy paired with VR goggles. Leg workouts at home can feel like they aren't yielding any results, but with Aeroski, you can get the leg strengthening exercises you need to support your troubled knees while still blasting fat and burning calories to tone and sculpt all over.

Here's how Aeroski is revolutionizing low impact cardio workouts for those experiencing knee pain.

Causes for Knee Pain 

While people can have different reasons and goals for working out, one thing usually remains the same: they want to be healthy. Health doesn't just have to be about weight loss. Alleviating pain is an important goal for many. . Losing weight and managing knee pain at the same time is possible with low impact cardio workouts that focus on full body fitness.

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing knee pain. Whether you've already been diagnosed or are just now exploring your options due to chronic knee pain, there are several possible culprits to your discomfort:

  • Arthritis
  • Ligament injuries
  • Torn meniscus
  • Patellar tendonitis and tear
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Baker's cyst
  • Prepatellar bursitis
  • Iliotibial band syndrome

Common injuries that affect knee health include ACL injuries and MCL injuries. An ACL injury can occur when you pivot or change directions too quickly. This could happen if you stop suddenly, experience an awkward jump or even from hyperextending the knee. It's more commonly seen in athletes. MCL injuries typically occur if the knee has been hit on the outside. When this hit stretches or tears the MCL, you would feel pain along the inside of the knee.

Both athletes and fitness newbies alike can fall victim to the pain of bad knees over time. While it's important to discuss your options with your doctor and pursue treatments, often, medical professionals will recommend low impact cardio workouts to help restore knee function and alleviate pain. While moving more may seem counterintuitive when pain is involved, leg workouts at home can transform your current situation. Cardio will deliver several wellness benefits like weight loss, better health and more. Plus, low impact cardio workouts can help you finally experience fewer pain symptoms in your joints. 

Benefits of Low Impact Cardio Workouts

Low impact cardio workouts are a fantastic combination of being gentle on the body while still pushing yourself to have an intense workout that will break a sweat. You don't need to be pounding the pavement on a run around the neighborhood or jumping rope to get an effective cardio session in. 

When you do leg workouts at home that are low impact, you're putting significantly less stress on your joints. However, you still want your workout to yield the desired health and fitness results.

Studies show that losing weight can often help alleviate knee pain for many overweight and obese patients – even if the pain is arthritis-related and not necessarily caused by an injury.

Losing weight can seem daunting when you can't do the stereotypically popular cardio methods like running or HIIT sessions. But effective low impact cardio workouts like Aeroski combine amazing joint support while engaging all your muscle groups in a highly active full body workout. Low impact fitness methods like Aeroski can be your secret weapon to improving your overall wellness without stressing out your knees. 

Low impact cardio workouts won't aggravate your pain and in the end, can even help alleviate your symptoms while delivering the toning and health results high impact workouts promise. 

How to Get Effective Leg Workouts at Home

When it comes to leg workouts at home, it's essential to be gentle on the knees. That can feel frustrating when you want to get an intense workout or see health improvements fast. However, low impact cardio workouts can deliver the results you want safely and effectively.

The first step is to consult your doctor about developing a safe and effective workout routine plan. Often, they will have several suggestions for the perfect at-home leg workout.  And they can encourage you to get creative, so you're not bored with your fitness options. 

If you experience knee pain, it's essential to warm up your knee first and listen to your body's cues. Stretching without overextending is crucial to ensure you don't aggravate any injuries or pain spots.

Then focus on finding the right low impact cardio workouts. But don't worry. You aren't sentenced to a life of boring walks on the treadmill forever. While several options can get the job done, if you're seeking a thrill and a way to spice up your leg workouts at home, Aeroski is the perfect at-home fitness machine. 

Aeroski combines the fun of skiing fitness with VR goggles to transport you to the slopes from the safety of your living room. It combines your favorite aspects of low impact cardio workouts with the fun and unique entertainment of VR fitness to deliver a workout routine like you've never experienced before.

Aeroski is low impact, so you never have to worry about aggravating knee injuries as long as you listen to your body and your doctors. It is a fun way to get your leg workout in at home because Aeroski is also a full body fitness experience that is guaranteed to get you to break a sweat. It will work your lower body and core simultaneously as you push through the same movements of downhill skiing right from your living room. Those who use Aeroski burn significantly more calories in less time than those who work out on traditional at-home fitness machines. 

You no longer need to settle for walking on a treadmill day after day for the most monotonous workout routine ever. Put on your VR fitness goggles and hop on Aeroski for an immersive experience that is good for both your body and your mind.

Having knee pain is a bummer, but you can still find a workout you love that can help you achieve the results you want. Whether your goal is weight loss, less pain or a combination of the two, you are on the right path with low impact cardio workouts. 

Try Aeroski today to experience the most exciting and innovative workout machine on the market. 

Fun Core Exercises with Aeroski

Fun Core Exercises with Aeroski

Good-bye, Sit-ups. Hello, Fun Core Exercises!

When it comes to core exercises, traditional sit-ups might be the first thing that comes to mind. Crunches are certainly a classic core exercise, but there's one category they just don't fit into: fun core exercises. 

When you're searching for an exciting way to work out your core, there are far better choices than traditional exercises like crunches. And, when you're investing time in your health by committing to an exercise schedule, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have fun along the way. After all, the more enjoyable a workout is, the more likely you are to make it a regular part of your fitness routine and experience all of the wonderful benefits of regular exercise. Luckily, there is a whole world of fun core exercises that can be completed with fun workout equipment like the Aeroski.

Here is everything you need to know about fun core exercises with Aeroski, from what core exercises should do to how Aeroski's fun workout equipment can engage your core effectively. Soon enough, you'll be saying "good-bye" to floor crunches and "hello" to fun core exercises!

What Do Core Exercises Do?

Core has become a buzzword in the fitness world. Trendy magazines and fitness influencers want to sell you the latest strategies to help you achieve a strong core. While these sources are quick to tout the core-strengthening properties of their workout tactics, they rarely explain what their core exercises do and what effect they will have on your body. So, what should a core exercise actually do? 

Workouts that claim to impact your core should engage the right muscles . Some essential muscles that make up the core are the transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the obliques and the diaphragm, as well as the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. All core exercises should put these muscles to work. Improving core strength is a great fitness goal because these muscles play an important role in supporting the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal area. 

How Does Aeroski Work Out Your Core?

Core exercises should be able to engage all of the core muscles effectively. How exactly does Aeroski use skiing fitness to accomplish this goal? Aeroski is a full body workout that can target all of the major muscle groups using just one at-home exercise machine. An Aeroski training session provides a constant side-to-side motion based on the movements of downhill skiing. With each movement, your core is engaged as you move along with the machine, helping support the rest of your body and maintaining your balance. You will feel after-burn effects in all of the essential areas of the core once you complete an Aeroski workout. 

You can also take specific measures to focus even more on your core during an Aeroski workout. For example, you can choose not to use the support bars during part or all of your workout routine. When you feel comfortable enough to try letting go of the support bar, your core is put to the test to a higher degree The less you rely on external support like the machine's support bars, the more your body will engage the core to provide internal support and maintain your balance. Other ways to help target your core to participate in HIIT routines using the Aeroski App. You can also incorporate additional exercise moves into your regular cardio routine to help make your fun core exercises even better. 

3 Reasons to Exercise Your Core with Aeroski

Whenever you're planning the best way to target a specific area of the body through your fitness efforts, it's important to consider the unique benefits of your exercise options. There are several reasons to choose fun core exercises and fun workout equipment from Aeroski over traditional core workouts like floor crunches. Here are some of the most unique features of an Aeroski workout routine that will inspire you to add fun core exercises with Aeroski to your fitness plan: 

  • Dynamic — Aeroski isn’t like any other core exercise. The fun workout equipment you get along with your Aeroski up the fun factor and increase the effectiveness of your overall full body workout. With features like the additional ski poles and handrails, you can customize your Aeroski to your comfort level. By varying the use of your hands, you are activating your center in a dynamic way that is unlike any other core workout. Want to really increase the difficulty? Remove the handrails and go hands-free for the ultimate ab-engaging fun core workout that will yield results in less time than traditional machines and core circuits. 
  • Interactive — When you choose to work out your core with Aeroski, you will participate in a thoroughly engaging interactive fitness session. Not only is Aeroski fun workout equipment that you can do at home, but you will also gain access to customizable routines and coach-led classes to meet your specific fitness goals. With our personal trainers who understand how to get the most out of your Aeroski, you’ll be able to target whatever muscle group you want to tone and strengthen all while getting an amazing cardio workout. Other core workouts like floor crunches are boring and one-dimensional. They can't compete with the interactive capabilities of Aeroski which are tailored to you and designed to be fun so you’ll look forward to your workout each day. 
  • Highly Effective — An Aeroski workout routine is guaranteed to provide you with a vigorous and effective fitness session from beginning to end. Fun core exercises with Aeroski aren't repetitive like other workouts designed to target your core. Aeroski’s unique side-to-side motion allows you to focus on your abs, while providing an entertaining fitness journey that other core exercises can't match. 

Complete Fun Core Exercises with Aeroski

When you're searching for fun core exercises that are both effective and enjoyable, there's only one option you need to consider: fun workout equipment from Aeroski. Traditional core workouts can't hold a candle to Aeroski's fun core exercises. Classic moves like sit-ups become repetitive in no time and can dull your workout motivation. Aeroski workouts inspire you to power through your exercise sessions and surpass all your fitness goals. Fun core exercises with Aeroski are dynamic, interactive and, above all, incredibly successful at getting you results.

Put your core to the test with fun core exercises from Aeroski and leave sit-ups in the past where they belong!

Fun Workout Equipment with Aeroski

Fun Workout Equipment with Aeroski

5 Elements of Fun Workout Equipment

There are many benefits to enjoying your regular workout routine. Finding joy or entertainment in your exercise makes it more likely to stick to a fitness schedule over time. When you see your workout routine as something to look forward to instead of something to dread, it can become a relaxing hobby and enhance the natural stress-relief benefits of exercise in your life. 

However, creating an enjoyable workout routine can seem easier said than done. How exactly do you transform exercise from something that you have to do into something you want to do? Fun workout equipment for your home gym is a great way to start.

Here are five elements for the best fun workout equipment. Discover how the right fitness and skiing accessories can make a difference in your workout routine with Aeroski.

Provides A Unique Experience

Fun workout equipment should be able to provide you with a unique fitness experience. When an exercise machine or fitness accessory has a unique idea behind it, it can easily turn a fitness session into an exciting activity. Aeroski’s skiing fitness machine is a great choice when looking for fun workout equipment for your home gym. The exciting idea behind Aeroski comes from the fact that the motions of the Aeroski machine are based on downhill skiing. 

An Aeroski workout is an exercise experience unlike any other. That’s because Aeroski is the most unique at-home piece of fun workout equipment on the market. Whether you set up your Aeroski in your home gym or on your patio, you’ll feel like you’re hitting the slopes instead of doing another monotonous workout. 

Guarantees An Engaging Workout

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored when you’re less than five minutes into a workout routine. Fun workout equipment can prevent boredom by presenting you with an engaging form of exercise. Aeroski offers a genuinely engaging skiing fitness experience for your body and mind. Aeroski is a full body workout that targets all major muscle groups

The Aeroski machine also comes with skiing accessories, including VR goggles that transform your workout into an interactive experience. With skiing accessories like Aeroski’s VR headset, you can immerse yourself in the alpine scenery of your choice. Options include snowy mountain peaks and lush forest trails. Engage your upper body, core and lower body while offering your mind a gorgeous destination getaway with fun workout equipment.. 

Allows For Customizable Workouts

Another essential element of fun workout equipment is that it is customizable. The best kinds of exercise are the ones that you can adapt to your routine and lifestyle. When you control your fun workout equipment, you get to be an active participant in your exercise journey. Being in the driver’s seat will do wonders for your motivation, helping you stick to a regular exercise routine and allowing you to work toward specific exercise objectives. Not all exercise machines are created equal, and not all of them can be easily customized to your preferences and needs. 

Luckily, you can customize an Aeroski workout in multiple ways. With your Aeroski workouts you can design a fitness schedule that works for you. Choose how long and how often you use Aeroski, switch up the VR scenery you immerse yourself in each session, and focus on specific fitness workouts — from HIIT circuits to intense core or strength training, to name a few. 

Makes the Most of Technology

One characteristic of fun workout equipment to look for is that it makes the most of modern technology. When you work out with Aeroski, you will get the most ideal experience one can get from a fun and effective workout. VR fitness is an exciting new trend in the exercise world. Aeroski makes VR fitness accessible with its at-home fun workout equipment. You don’t have to visit a special VR gym when you have Aeroski.

The average treadmill or stationary bike allows you to work out but typically fails to provide a modern experience. Aeroski offers you the best of both worlds — an intense, effective workout and the cutting-edge technology that puts it in the category of fun workout equipment. With Aeroski’s app, you can also choose from various custom-designed workout routines and join in on live-streamed classes led by expert coaches. You’ll also be able to actively track your fitness progress — setting and updating your exercise goals conveniently in the app. In addition, the Aeroski app includes access to a 28-day meal plan to help support an overall healthy lifestyle to go with your fun workout equipment. 

Offers Functional Accessories

It’s much easier to enjoy yourself when you’re working out if you aren’t struggling to complete the workout. Any accessories that can help improve your ability to exercise belong in the category of fun workout equipment. These kinds of items put the fun in functional. Here are the best skiing accessories to go along with your Aeroski:

  • Aeroski Hand Weights — If you want to boost the strength training benefits of your Aeroski workout routine, hand weights are the skiing accessory for you. Aeroski’s hand weights are convenient to use, with a soft texture and sand-filled grips that allow the weights to mold to your hands. While every Aeroski workout targets the entire body, this piece of fun workout equipment can help you hone in on the upper body even more. Choose hand weights from Aeroski if you’re interested in sculpting your arms and increasing your balance and agility. 
  • Aeroski Resistance Bands  Sculpting resistance bands from Aeroski are great skiing accessories for when you’re looking to customize your workout routines. Each band offers a different resistance level, ranging from light to medium to heavy. No matter your fitness level, you can benefit from using this fun workout equipment. And, as your fitness abilities improve, you can use these bands to add variety to your workout. Each band is a different color, adding to the fun workout equipment experience. 
  • Aeroski Ski Poles — Each Aeroski comes with a pair of ski poles. Combining these skiing fitness accessories with the Aeroski gives you the perfect recipe for fun workout equipment. The movements of an Aeroski workout are based on the motion of downhill skiing, so it only makes sense that you should have a pair of ski poles to complete the feeling of stepping off the ski lift and onto the slopes! Combined with the immersive VR experience and interactive alpine scenery, you will enjoy the fun workout equipment and skiing accessories from Aeroski.

Shop Fun Workout Equipment and Skiing Accessories from Aeroski

Aeroski makes enjoying your workout routine easy. With Aeroski, you can get fun workout equipment and skiing accessories all in one place. Aeroski is the perfect star of your home gym and your regular exercise routine. It offers a unique experience that engages your mind and body with skiing fitness. 

Aeroski workouts can be easily customized and extra fun, thanks to the power of VR and the Aeroski app. 

Choose Aeroski today to make this fun workout equipment and exciting skiing accessories a part of your home gym!