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Aeroski's Official Warm-up Exercises List

Aeroski's Official Warm-up Exercises List

The Ultimate Warm-Up Exercises List

Planning the perfect workout routine isn't just about the main event. While it's essential to have the right cardio exercise to form the bulk of your workout (like Aeroski's at-home workout machine), it's also vital to warm up properly. A good warm-up sets you up for an effective overall workout routine and prevents unnecessary injuries. 

To get the most out of your Aeroski workout, a warm-up is key. Here's our official warm-up exercises list so you can spend more time planning all of your fitness goals. 

Choose from one of these exercises to begin your fitness routine, and then hop on your Aeroski so the real work can begin!

Stretches to Warm Up With

Stretches are a great place to begin with our warm-up exercises list. Stretching before a workout has numerous benefits — from stimulating blood flow to your muscles, to improving your flexibility and increasing your range of motion. It prepares your muscles and body to perform better in the main portion of your workout routine. Here are some great stretches that should be a part of any warm-up exercises list:

  • Lunges — Consider side lunges to engage the muscles in your lower body before you get on your Aeroski machine. If you're looking for a stretch that explicitly targets your hips, glutes and leg muscles, this is for you. To perform a side lunge, begin by standing with your feet beneath your hips. Move your left leg out to the left, and start the stretch by squatting down. As you do so, put your weight onto the left foot and keep your right leg straight as you bend the left knee. 
  • Squats — Squats are another great option to help warm up the lower part of your body. Some of the muscles that squats will directly utilize are the hamstrings, the glutes and the quad muscles. Start a squat by standing straight up with each foot under each hip. Then, as you move down into the squat position, do so with a straight back and keep your core muscles activated. When your thighs are parallel with the ground, you can stop moving down and pause to hold the stretch before returning to a standing position and repeating the squat. 
  • Plank  Planks target the ab muscles and help strengthen the core. A strong core is an asset in any workout routine. When you're using the Aeroski to get into tip-top shape for skiing season, a strong core is especially important to help with stability on the slopes. That makes planks a great addition to your skiing fitness workout routine. A plank starts off like a pushup would, but instead of moving up and down, you simply stay up with a straightened back, tightened core muscles and a relaxed head. 
  • Neck Circles — When adding stretches to your warm-up exercises list, don't forget your neck! Neck circles are an effortless stretch that help loosen up the muscles in your neck and can relieve any underlying tension that may be present in that area. To complete a neck circle, all you have to do is roll your head around in a circular fashion. Go slowly and do blocks of ten neck circles in each direction — clockwise and then counterclockwise. 

Simple Warm-Up Exercises List

Sometimes, the main criteria on the best possible warm-up exercises list is simplicity. The easier it is to do a warm-up, the more likely you will follow through and do it before starting your workout routine. This simple warm-up exercises list is made up of easy activities that don't require any extra equipment to complete. If you want straightforward fitness activities on your warm-up exercises list, give these a try:

  • Pushups — Pushups are an easy warm-up to learn how to do and can be customized to your fitness level — just like an Aeroski workout. Pushups are also a good choice because they engage multiple muscles. When you complete pushups before a workout, you are putting muscles in your arms, shoulders, core and chest to work. 

Start a pushup as you would a plank, with your hands and feet on the floor. Raise your body up and then lower it down, keeping your core muscles tight and your back straight. The lowest point of a pushup should be when your chest or chin nears the ground, which signals that you should raise your body upward and straighten your arms to return to the beginning and do it all over again. You can keep your knees on the ground if you're a beginner. You can also try out more advanced variations, such as the single-arm pushup or clapping pushup, as you get more comfortable with the exercise and want to be challenged more. 

  • Walking or Jogging  Walking and jogging are great options on your simple warm-up exercises list. If you plan to use your Aeroski in the comfort of your home gym, you can easily take a walk or light jog around the neighborhood before you dive into your workout routine. Walking and jogging are both forms of cardio exercise that will get your blood moving before you get started with your full-body workout routine with Aeroski. Try varying your route weekly or even daily so you don't get sick of this warm-up activity. 
  • High Knees  High knees are another great choice to add to the simple warm-up exercises list. All you need to complete this warm-up is yourself. To do a high knee, stand up straight with your feet aligned with your shoulders. Choose one of your knees and raise it in the direction of your chest until it's a little higher than your waist. At the same time, raise the arm on the opposite side of your body as the raised knee. Alternate sides and repeat. 

Fun Warm-Up Exercises List

A boring warm-up activity can take all the fun out of your workout routine. It's important to find the right fitness activities for you to start off with to keep you motivated and make it more likely that you'll be able to achieve all of your exercise goals. If you want the activities on your warm-up exercises list to be just as fun as your Aeroski workout routine, these are the warm-ups for you. Check out these entertaining options to complete before you get on your Aeroski

  • Jumping Jacks — If the last time you did jumping jacks was in your elementary school gym class, it might be worth revisiting them. Jumping jacks engage both the upper and lower body and are pretty much a full-body experience, making them the perfect warm-up to pair with a full-body workout routine from Aeroski. 
  • Dancing  Dancing is often recommended on warm-up exercises lists for kids, but there's no reason adults can't join in the fun, too. As a warm-up, dancing shouldn't involve serious choreography or demanding moves. Instead, turn on your favorite playlist and move however you want. Light dancing makes for a fun and simple warm-up activity. 
  • Yoga — Yoga makes the fun warm-up activities list because there are so many variations to tailor it to your preferences. Whether you choose to get involved with this activity from your living room floor or your front yard, you're sure to have a blast. There are more than 80 traditional yoga poses, and variations have been developed even more. Yoga can help you stretch out your muscles and get a headstart on the relaxation and stress-relief benefits of exercise

Complete Your Workout Routine with Aeroski

Now that you're warmed up and ready to exercise, complete your workout routine with the skiing fitness machine from Aeroski! Aeroski's skiing fitness workout machine engages all of the major muscle groups. That means you can work out your entire body using just one device. And, with Aeroski, you won't even have to leave your house to make all of your fitness goals come true.

Try Aeroski today to add the most unique at-home exercise machine on the market to your workout routine!

5 Unique Exercise Machines Over the Decades

5 Unique Exercise Machines Over the Decades

Blast From the Past: 5 Vintage Unique Exercise Machines

Creative fitness solutions can make the exercise process more enjoyable and make it easier to achieve all of your workout goals. Some of the latest unique exercise trends include goat yoga and mermaid swim classes.

These inventive trends also come in the form of unique exercise machines. There's a lot more to the world of at home workout equipment than just treadmills and stationary bikes. Over the decades, there have been many interesting exercise solutions developed to be a part of home gyms. 

Here are five unique exercise machines from the past that prove people have been trying to innovate at home workout equipment for decades — and why Aeroski is the modern solution to an exercise experience that is fun, unique and effective.

Revolving Hammock

In the early 1920s, the Molby Revolving Hammock was all the rage in the category of at home workout equipment. Some of the promises attached to this fitness craze were that it would stretch out the user's muscles, help straighten the spine and soothe one's nerves. To take advantage of this unique exercise machine, the user had to lay face down in a hammock, and the machine would then stretch their body. 

A vintage advertisement for the Molby Revolving Hammock claimed that users would "Live longer and enjoy life more" and included the following statement as the explanation of its benefits: "All the keen relish of a healthful existence comes to the man or woman whose spine is straight, strong and supple, with no tension on the sympathetic nervous system and with every spinal nerve relaxed." This piece of at home workout equipment was marketed as a way for people to exercise while lying down while still receiving health benefits.

Wondercycle Exercisulator

The strange concept of this piece of at home workout equipment lives up to the odd name. It appears as though the company that developed this machine took inspiration from the equestrian world. It was billed as something similar to a rocking horse without the rockers and shared some features with actual horses. 

The motion of the Wondercycle Exercisulator was similar to the trot of a horse. The user sat in a saddle and placed their head into a contraption meant to mimic reins connected to the machine's handlebars. When the user peddled the machine, the saddle would move up and down like it would if the user was seated on a live horse.

Users who were willing to take a chance on this strange piece of at home exercise equipment were promised several fitness benefits. According to an article promoting the machine in 1931, there were multiple ways to use the Wondercycle Exercisulator. Depending on which method was chosen, the back, stomach, legs or neck muscles would be targeted and strengthened. This machine could be considered a very early version of the modern stationary bike, albeit with a unique flair.


This unique exercise machine takes a different approach to most of the other at home workout equipment described in this article (and most available today, for that matter). The Reduce-o-Matic was popularized in the early 1940s. Essentially, it was an at-home sauna. To use the machine, people would zip themselves into a large cloth bag while sitting in a chair. Once the machine was turned on, the bag would fill up with heat. 

According to beliefs at the time, this unique exercise machine was thought to be able to melt excess fat in the body due to the high temperatures of the sauna experience. Research has shown that while sitting in a sauna might result in mild decreases in weight due to the loss of water in the body through sweating, saunas are not a viable tool for maintaining a healthy weight. While they can have some other health benefits, they should not be used to try to lose weight.

Slenderizing Salon

Another unique exercise machine from the 40s was the so-called Slenderizing Salon. This was a group of several pieces of at home workout equipment designed to target different body areas. Metal rollers that looked like thick, giant springs would roll over the target area. All the user had to do was stand within the machine and let the metal rollers do their work. Marketed as a weight loss solution, it's another example of a vintage workout machine based on minimal effort from the user.

The metal rollers of the Slenderizing Salon were said to be able to work "up and down to rub away stomach, hips and thighs electrically." Examples of individual unique exercise machines that were a part of the Slenderizing Salon were the "Slendo Massager," which focused on the abdomen directly; the "Back Ring Roller," which targeted the back; and the "Wooden Barrel Massager," whose efforts centered on the butt and hips. 

Vibrating Belt

This is probably one of the stranger unique exercise machines you'll encounter when browsing fitness trends from the past. Vibrating belt machines were a very popular form of at home workout equipment in the 60s and 70s. One of the major selling points of these products was that they were supposed to work out your body without you putting in much effort at all. 

All you had to do was place the belt around the part of your body that you wanted to target with a workout, and it would vibrate to do the work itself. It was believed that the vibration and massage properties of the machine would lead to improved overall wellness. 

Marketing campaigns focused on the minimal effort that a user would need to put in and touted various benefits that could be expected after consistent use of the machine. Vibrating belts promised customers results such as the ability to shake fat away, enhance muscle tone and help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Advertisements encouraged users to spend as little as 15 minutes while reading or napping using the machine to see the benefits of the vibrating belt machine. 

The Ultimate Modern Unique Exercise Machine: Aeroski

Aeroski is the 21st Century's answer to the desire for a unique exercise machine that is functional and fun. An Aeroski workout targets all major muscle groups, allowing you to do more with just one machine. The skiing fitness machine from Aeroski is the best at home workout equipment, designed to give you a full body workout. 

Aeroski is not just effective, but it's also fun and innovative! The motions of the machine simulate the movements of downhill skiing, so you'll feel like you're on the slopes instead of using just another piece of boring exercise equipment in your home gym. The exciting Aeroski experience isn't limited to the motions of the machine — it's fully immersive when you use the VR goggles that come with every Aeroski. With the included VR headset, you'll be transported to the virtual vacation getaway of your dreams, from gorgeous alpine scenery to relaxing forest trails. 

If you've been searching for a unique workout experience, Aeroski is genuinely the best choice. Unlike the examples from the past, Aeroski utilizes modern technology to support workouts that get results, help you meet all of your fitness goals and enjoy yourself along the way. 

Try Aeroski today to put a unique spin on your everyday workout routine!

Why Fun Fitness Accessories are Good For Your Mental Health

Why Fun Fitness Accessories are Good For Your Mental Health

Effective and Fun Fitness Accessories from Aeroski

Accessories can add a fun twist to just about any activity. Fun fitness accessories can take your workout routine from boring to an exciting and enjoyable experience. When exercise turns into something that brings you joy, its benefits on mental health and overall wellness are amplified.

At Aeroski, we understand why it’s essential to enjoy the process of working out. We specialize in fun fitness accessories that can take your fitness routine from drab to fab. Here’s our guide on the benefits of fun accessories designed especially for your workout routine.

Mental Health Benefits of Working Out

From strengthening muscles to lowering the chance of developing various health conditions, the physical health benefits of sticking to a regular workout routine are well known, but what about the mental health benefits? Exercise can have just as much of an impact on the mind as it can on the body. Here are some of the ways a workout routine can positively influence mental health

  • Reduce Stress 
  • Improve Sleep
  • Benefit Mood
  • Boost Focus 

While exercise can have mental health benefits, working out can be even more impactful when you enjoy it. That’s why it’s essential to enjoy working out and how fun fitness accessories can make a difference in boosting the benefits of your workout routine.

Importance of Enjoying Your Workout Routine

When it comes to seeing the benefits of exercise in your own life, it’s not just about finding a workout routine — it’s about finding the right one for you. The fitness activities you choose to include in your schedule shouldn’t feel like a chore or like something you have to do. Instead, exercise should be something you look forward to and genuinely want to participate in regularly. Here are some mental health benefits you can expect when you enjoy your workout routine: 

  • Motivation — Creating an enjoyable exercise experience, whether through customizing your home gym or trying out some fun fitness accessories, will increase your motivation to work out. When there are no exciting elements that are a part of your fitness plan, exercising each day can get old fast. When you have a busy schedule and a lot of other important obligations and tasks to focus on, it can be challenging to find the motivation to maintain an exercise routine. Spending time dreading workouts isn’t going to do your mental health any favors. 

And, it doesn’t matter how many mental health benefits exercise has on paper — you won’t experience any of them if you don’t get moving and work out. So, motivation is essential to success and why fun plays such an important role. Knowing that your workout routine will make you feel energized and happy will have a positive impact on your results and especially your overall mental health. Often the trick to amping up this motivation is involving an inspiring addition like fun fitness accessories that can serve as an incentive to get you to follow your exercise schedule. 

  • Consistency — Motivation and consistency go hand in hand. The more motivated you are to exercise, the more you’ll want to keep exercising over time. The right form of exercise should feel like a hobby instead of like an annoying appointment you have to keep. The more consistently you work out, the more likely you are to experience the mental health benefits of fitness. Over time, you will notice long-term improvements in how well you sleep, the amount of stress you feel in everyday life and your overall mood each day due to consistently sticking to your workout routine. But consistency is tough when it’s boring, so fun fitness accessories can shake up a stagnant routine to help make it more enticing. 
  • Sense of Achievement — An enjoyable exercise routine should leave you feeling great afterward. Endorphins will be coursing through your system and improving your mood, and you will also feel an exciting sense of achievement about having made progress toward your fitness goals. Fun fitness accessories can motivate you to work out more often and exceed any initial exercise expectations you may have had. That’s why fitness trackers are popular, fun fitness accessories among people trying to keep up with their workouts. 

When you progress in one area of your life, it can help inspire you toward success in other areas. For example, after mastering a new workout technique, the exhilaration you feel might encourage you to try out an entirely new cuisine in the kitchen — leading to healthy (and delicious) results! The sense of achievement you feel over having met your workout goals (and the excitement that follows as you plan new fitness objectives you didn’t expect to be able to plan for so soon) can carry over into other areas of your life.

Fun Fitness Accessories from Aeroski

It’s clear that regular exercise can improve mental health and that an enjoyable workout routine can be even better for both your mind and body. Now the only question is — how do you make your workout routine enjoyable? Aeroski has the answer: fun fitness accessories. Here are the best fun fitness accessories that you need to put an exciting twist on your fitness activities, all from Aeroski

  • Sculpting Bands — If you’re hoping to add some variety to your Aeroski workout routine, our sculpting bands are the perfect choice. They come in three different sizes, and each one corresponds to a different level of resistance. Switch up which band you use in a particular part of your workout to improve your fitness performance and results. Each sculpting band also comes in an aesthetically-pleasing color — which is always a bonus when it comes to fun fitness accessories
  • Hand Weights — Leave barbells in the past where they belong and use hand weights from Aeroski for a fun fitness accessory. Aeroski’s hand weights are soft to the touch and have moldable grips, making them an incredibly comfortable and functional addition to your workout routine. After all, fun fitness accessories should be both enjoyable and effective. Choose this accessory to help tone your arms and work toward improved balance and agility. 
  • Ski Poles  Aeroski workout machines come with a set of ski poles. Your skiing fitness experience wouldn’t be complete without the addition of these fun fitness accessories. The motion of the Aeroski machine is designed to mimic that of downhill skiing, and when paired with Aeroski’s ski poles, you’ll feel like you’re on the slopes instead of at home working out!
  • VR Goggles — As far as fun fitness accessories go, the VR goggles included with each Aeroski skiing fitness machine top the list. Aeroski’s VR headset can transform any workout into a fully immersive experience. You can select the scenery of your choice from several options, including beautiful alpine peaks or lush forest trails. Travel to the skiing destination of your choice without leaving your living room! 

Aeroski’s VR goggles are a fun fitness accessory to help you enjoy your workout routine and get more out of the exercise experience. When you have beautiful alpine scenery to look forward to, you’ll feel more motivated to use your Aeroski and maintain a consistent workout routine. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself surpassing your fitness goals and creating new ones! 

Try Aeroski and all of our fun fitness accessories today to put an exciting twist on your workout routine! Both your physical and mental health are sure to thank you.