5 Skiing Resorts in Colorado To Visit

5 Skiing Resorts in Colorado To Visit

The Aeroski Travel Guide to Skiing Resorts in Colorado

Winter is here, which can only mean one thing: ski season! If you’re an avid skier who prefers to exercise while on the slopes instead of on the treadmill, we know this time of year is one you’ve waited months for. But picking the perfect getaway to get your skiing fitness done on a real mountain can be a difficult process. 

Fortunately, we have your back and have researched for you.

Here’s our list of the top skiing resorts in Colorado:

Vail Mountain Resort

Not only is Vail Mountain Resort the largest skiing resort in Colorado, but it’s one of the largest in the world. Spread over 5,289 acres, it boasts a hill with 31 lifts and three terrain parks. The trails are long, diverse in terrain and exceptionally well-groomed at this luxury resort. Because of its many options and difficulty levels, Vail Mountain Resort is one of the best skiing resorts in Colorado for all experience levels– from beginners to seasoned experts looking for a new thrill. 

The town of Vail is also a fantastic part of this vacation experience. Once you’re done with your skiing fitness for the day, venture into Vail Village, where most places are within walking distance, and the free bus system can reach anything else throughout the resort and to both East and West Vail. Visitors can even download an app that helps track the bus locations and schedules. 

 Key Features:

  • Main draw: Largest ski area in all of Colorado 
  • Base elevation of 8,120 feet.
  • Summit elevation of 11,570 feet.
  • Opening Date: Nov. 21, 2021
  • Closing Date: Estimated Apr. 19, 2022
  • Closest Airport: Eagle County Regional Airport is a 50 minute drive at 34 miles away, but if you fly into Denver International Airport, you can make the trip in 2.5 hours (120 miles).


When looking for skiing resorts in Colorado, you definitely need to consider Breckenridge. This is arguably one of Colorado's most popular and widely visited skiing resorts. And with 187 trails across five different peaks, it’s easy to understand why it’s so loved among skiers. You’ll never run out of ways to make your skiing fitness exciting, as each day could be something new. 

They recently reduced their prices by 20 percent so more people could enjoy the mountains. You have various options on lodging, which makes finding something within your budget more manageable than with other skiing resorts in Colorado. 

There are two main areas for you to choose from: somewhere within the town of Breckenridge (also called the Historic District) or at the base of the two peaks. There’s also a free bus service that transports skiers from within the town to the slopes. 

 Key Features:

  • Main draw: Great nightlife and a diverse range of prices for lodging options
  • Base elevation of 9,600 feet.
  • Summit elevation of 12,998 feet.
  • Opening Date: Nov. 12, 2021
  • Closing Date: Estimated date of May 3, 2022
  • Closest Airport: Denver International Airport is a 2.5 hour drive located 104 miles away. 

 Aspen Snowmass

If you are looking for one of Colorado's most traditional skiing resorts, Aspen Snowmass is your best bet. The town has a quaint ski village atmosphere, boasting pedestrian-only walking streets that pass incredible shops and restaurants that round out the whole experience, so it’s more of a vacation and not just a skiing fitness trip. One of the traditions of this ski village is offering free s’mores between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. every day at the Base VIllage fire pits. 

The slopes here range from beginner to expert, with some that are expert only. Winter X-games even host their events here because of how desirable the runs are.

Plus, Aspen Snowmass is continually updating its facilities. They just opened a new $10.7 million-dollar high-speed quad chairlift and increased the snowmaking capacity. 

Key Features:

  • Main draw: Family friendly with beginner slopes, but also very impressive intermediate level runs. The town itself is high-end, so it’s ideal for luxury travelers, too. 
  • Base elevation of over 8,100 feet.
  • Summit elevation of over 12,500 feet.
  • Opening Date: Estimated Nov. 24, 2021
  • Closing Date: Estimated Apr. 17, 2022
  • Closest Airport: Aspen/ Pitkin County Airport is only a quick 15 minute drive 8 miles away.

Winter Park

Winter Park is one of the oldest continually operated skiing resorts in Colorado. While it has a rich history dating back to 1939, that does not make this resort and its slopes outdated. Winter Park continually updates their facilities and grooms their terrain for the optimal experience for those seeking fun, relaxation, and exciting skiing fitness. 

The area is also award-winning. USA Today's readers voted Winter Park Resort the “best ski resort in North America” for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019. As one of the most popular skiing resorts in Colorado, Winter Park Resort has also hosted the NCAA Skiing Championships in 1956, 1959, 1972 and 1977.

Key Features:

  • Main draw: Family-friendly and is one of the largest skiing resorts in Colorado, the closest drive to Denver. 
  • Base elevation of 9,000 feet. 
  • Summit elevation of 12,060 feet.
  • Opening Date: Estimated Nov. 20, 2021
  • Closing Date: May 6, 2022
  • Closest Airport: The Denver International Airport is 90 miles away making it only a two hour drive. 

Telluride Ski Resort

While this is one of the most beautiful skiing resorts in Colorado, it’s also one of the most remote locations. But once you reach these epic mountains, you’ll see that it is well worth the journey.

Telluride Ski Resort doesn’t just offer advanced and expert-level ski slopes. Some of the runs need to be hiked via trails and are what can be considered “extreme skiing.” 

While the location is tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, the resort itself is very top-tier in terms of skiing resorts in Colorado. You will get a high-end, luxurious experience when daring to do your skiing fitness on these intense slopes.

The resort even offers a gondola that will help transport skiers from the slopes to the town effortlessly. 

Key Features:

  • Main draw: Exceptional advanced terrain and a historic western town with gorgeous scenery.
  • Base elevation of 8,725 feet
  • Summit elevation of 13,150 feet
  • Opening Date: Nov. 25, 2021
  • Closing Date: Apr.l 3, 2021
  • Closest Airport: Telluride Regional Airport is extremely close at only 8 miles away for a 20 minute drive. Another option is Montrose Regional Airport which is a 1.5 hour drive for 70 miles. 

Aeroski is Here For You When You Can’t Make it to the Slopes

While it would be a dream to visit one of these amazing skiing resorts in Colorado, it’s not always feasible. Sometimes work schedules or financial barriers get in the way. But thanks to Aeroski, you can enjoy skiing fitness in your own living room all year round. Pair it with the virtual goggles, and you can even feel like you’re on some of the famous mountain slopes from the resorts listed above!

Ready to ski any time, anywhere and not just while ski season is open? Click here to learn more about how Aeroski can help you get the most effective (and fun) workout of your life. 

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