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Skiing vs Snowboarding 101

Skiing vs Snowboarding 101

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Which Workout Is Right For You?


When thinking about winter sports involving the alpine experience, two main contenders probably come to mind: skiing and snowboarding. In fact, there is a longstanding debate between skiing vs. snowboarding and which is the better workout.

If you enjoy hitting the slopes regularly or are thinking about taking on a new winter sport, you’ve probably wondered about skiing vs. snowboarding and which of these activities makes for a more effective fitness experience. 

Read on to find out which workout is the winner for you in the skiing vs. snowboarding showdown, and how you can stay in winter sport shape at home with an Aeroski workout.

Getting Started on the Slopes

The debate between skiing vs. snowboarding is significant for those looking for a new outdoor activity for the winter season. When it comes to skiing vs. snowboarding, which sport is easier to get started with? 

The answer to quickly jumping into a new sport with skiing vs. snowboarding is skiing. Starting with skiing is much easier for beginners than getting on a snowboard for the first time. The fundamentals of skiing are easier to learn than snowboarding, and the stance used in skiing is more intuitive. If you’re looking for a more enjoyable first few days on the slope or for a sport that you can make progress with on one vacation, skiing will provide you with a realistic experience at the start. 

Just as skiing is easier for beginners to pick up, an Aeroski workout is simple for people of any fitness level to get started with. Aeroski’s skiing machine offers three levels of resistance (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and support, ensuring that an Aeroski workout is a great fit at any stage of your fitness journey.

Mastering the Sport

While skiing is easier to get started with, which of these winter sports is easier to master? In this round of the skiing vs. snowboarding debate, snowboarding is actually the winner. Once a snowboarder makes it through the early stages of getting started with snowboarding, learning new skills and becoming a master is simple. 

The process of learning how to ski is the opposite — the initial stages are easy, but becoming an expert is difficult because it requires highly technical skills that are difficult to learn. With snowboarding, once you’ve got the basics down, they’ll be an integral part of each skill level you progress to.

When thinking about picking the right workout between skiing vs. snowboarding, ask yourself which is more important: a fitness activity that is easy to get started with (skiing) or one that is easier to progress with after a difficult initial period (snowboarding). Either way, training with an Aeroski workout can help you get in shape to tackle the winter sport challenge of your choosing. 

Calorie Burning Potential

Regarding skiing vs. snowboarding, you may be wondering which winter sport burns more calories. In this matchup, skiing comes out on top, but only slightly. Alpine skiing was found to burn an average of 500 calories an hour, whereas snowboarding burned an average of 450 calories an hour. 

The number of calories burned with skiing vs. snowboarding can also depend on factors such as your fitness level, where you are skiing or snowboarding, and how much time you spend on the lift. Incorporating an Aeroski workout machine into your home exercise routine can help improve your strength and endurance and increase your fitness level so you can burn even more calories out on the slopes. In fact, an Aeroski workout itself burns more calories than traditional home exercise machines such as treadmills or exercise bikes, helping you work out more effectively.

Workout Logistics

When considering the merits of any workout experience such as skiing vs. snowboarding, it’s essential to consider the logistics — especially with an outdoor winter sport. Here are a few ways that skiing and snowboarding compare in terms of logistics: 

  • The Chairlift Experience  Riding the chairlift is easier for skiers than snowboarders. The process of getting off of the lift when clipped into a snowboard is much more complex and often leads to snowboarders falling over, whereas skiers can easily slide forward and onto the path.
  • Equipment — The equipment used for snowboarding is more practical than skiing equipment in some ways. If you choose to ski, you have to carry four items: two skis and two poles. With snowboarding, you just have to carry your board. The boots worn for snowboarding are also more comfortable to walk around in than ski boots. If you don’t want to trek around the slopes with a lot of equipment and uncomfortable shoes, consider snowboarding.
  • Family Participation — Skiing can be started at a younger age than snowboarding, so if you’re looking for a winter sport that can be fun for the whole family, skiing can be the more inclusive option for an alpine family vacation. If you have older kids or teens, you could give snowboarding a try.

Having good fitness before hitting the slopes can make your workout experience more enjoyable and prevent injury. An Aeroski workout can help you meet your exercise goals and improve your fitness level, especially with your lower body, so you can confidently participate in either winter sport. 

Consider Which Muscles are Used

Another important consideration when comparing skiing vs. snowboarding is which muscles are used in each sport. Skiing and snowboarding engage some of the same muscle groups and have some unique impacts. Balance is vital for both of these winter sports. As a result, your core muscles are engaged with both skiing and snowboarding. In terms of specifics, skiing heavily involves the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles. Snowboarding relies on the feet and ankles to guide the board itself.

Both skiing and snowboarding can work out several muscle groups, and having pre-existing muscle strength and tone can help with your fitness level and performance on the slopes. An Aeroski workout can be a crucial part of your offseason or at-home fitness conditioning to help you stay in shape for when you head back out on the lift. 

Workout Speed

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that both involve moving quickly down inclines. If you’ve tried one but not the other, you may be interested in which of these sports can help you get down the mountain at a faster speed. 

You can reach higher speeds when skiing. The highest speed recorded by a skier was 252 km/h, whereas the highest speed recorded by a snowboarder was only 203 km/hr.  If going fast is one of your goals when comparing skiing vs. snowboarding, the increased speed that can be reached while skiing can make for a more enjoyable workout experience

Enjoy a Year-Round Alpine Experience with Aeroski

No matter which team you’re on in the matchup between skiing vs. snowboarding, you can benefit from staying in shape in the offseason with an Aeroski workout machine. An Aeroski workout is a great addition to your regular fitness routine, whether you’re looking to maintain your winter sports fitness level when you can’t hit the slopes or if you’re interested in an at-home alternative. 

With Aeroski, you can get the fitness benefits of skiing from the comfort of your living room year-round. Aeroski’s workout machine is designed to mimic downhill skiing movements and work out all of the major muscle groups in the body. Aeroski also comes with a pair of VR goggles and a fitness app so you can immerse yourself in alpine scenery as you work out.

Try Aeroski and make the winter sport experience a regular part of your home fitness routine!

Why Aeroski is the Best Treadmill Alternative

Why Aeroski is the Best Treadmill Alternative

Why Do You Need a Treadmill Alternative This New Year?

Exercise goals for the New Year often come in the form of short-lived New Year’s resolutions. In fact, one study found that 95 percent of New Year’s resolutions are related to exercise. The same study also found that 43 percent of participants didn’t think their New Year’s fitness goal would last longer than one month.

Suppose you’ve ever made a New Year’s fitness resolution yourself. In that case, you might be familiar with the experience of coming up with a big goal on New Year’s Eve only to forget about it come February, grow tired of the same exercise routine, or find that you just don’t have enough time to make it happen. 

Making a goal without creating a plan to reach it or actively making time for it, is some of the most significant resolution mistakes — but they’re also the easiest to fix.

This New Year, set yourself up to make all of your fitness goals last throughout the entire year. Working out with traditional exercise machines like treadmills can quickly make New Year’s goals seem dull and uninspired. Here’s why the key to your lasting exercise plan this year is an Aeroski workout machine. With this treadmill alternative, you’ll enjoy every day of your fitness routine this year!

Choose a Low-Impact Treadmill Alternative

Did you know that running on a treadmill is considered a high-impact exercise? As your feet hit the belt, stress is put on your joints. If you have joint problems or simply don’t want to develop them in the future, it’s better to consider a low-impact treadmill alternative. 

An Aeroski workout machine is a perfect alternative to traditional exercise machines. Unlike treadmills, Aeroski won’t put stress on your joints. An Aeroski workout is high-intensity but also low-impact and joint-friendly so that you can stay active and pain-free. By using your own body weight as resistance, Aeroski ensures stress is not put on your lower joints. Try out Aeroski for a low-impact treadmill alternative and feel the difference in your joints.

Enjoy Greater Value with Aeroski

When purchasing a home exercise machine, you want to enjoy the greatest value possible. A treadmill alternative like Aeroski offers certain advantages that treadmills simply can’t beat. Here are just a few of the ways Aeroski outperforms treadmills when it comes to value. 

  • Lower Cost — Treadmills can be expensive. A higher-end treadmill with added features can cost as much as $3,000, and even a more standard model with the basic features you need will start at around $1000. Aeroski is much more affordable in comparison at just $399. 
  • Easy to Store — A typical treadmill takes up a lot of real estate in your home. Most treadmills are bulky and stationary, so you have to give up a sizable spot for them. Aeroski is a great space-saving option, as it can easily be folded and tucked under your bed or into a closet once you’ve finished using it for the day. 
  • Lightweight Design  Aeroski is not only easy to assemble and store, but it’s also lightweight, so it can easily be moved around. Treadmills are much heavier and more challenging to move. Aeroski is a treadmill alternative that makes rearranging your home gym or tidying up a room much easier because it won’t strain your back when you need to move it. Added rollers make it simple to move around.
  • Unique Additional Features — When you get a treadmill, that’s pretty much all you get. When you get an Aeroski workout machine, you get much more than just an exercise machine. Aeroski comes with VR goggles, a pair of ski poles, and access to Aeroski’s fitness app. When you choose Aeroski as a treadmill alternative, you get all you need to have an engaging fitness experience.

Exercise More Efficiently This Year

Treadmills are a common choice for home exercise machines, but Aeroski is a treadmill alternative that has been shown to result in more effective workouts. This New Year, make the most of your exercise goals by choosing an Aeroski workout machine that can support more efficient fitness sessions.

A few of the ways Aeroski is more effective than treadmills include:

  • More Efficient Workouts
  • Target More Muscle Groups
  • Expanded Workout Benefits
  • Better Training Exercise

More Efficient Workouts

Clinical studies conducted by Aeroski have shown that Aeroski workout machines are superior to typical exercise machines when burning calories and toning muscles. When using the Aeroski machine, participants burned an average of 537 calories in one hour. Compare that to the treadmill — where an average of only 260 calories was burned in the same amount of time. When you want an efficient and effective workout that burns more calories than a treadmill workout, turn to Aeroski for an affordable treadmill alternative

Target More Muscle Groups

Working out on a treadmill can tone your lower body, but a typical treadmill workout does not engage the entire body. Aeroski, on the other hand, is a full-body workout. An Aeroski workout targets all of the main muscle groups with just one exercise machine. When it comes to planning a maximally effective fitness routine, you can be sure that Aeroski will work out all of your key muscle groups, unlike a treadmill — so you can make the most of your daily workouts

Expanded Workout Benefits

There are limits to the kinds of exercises you can do with a treadmill and the benefits you can expect to receive. Treadmills offer walking and running options, but there’s only so much you can expect to gain from using just a treadmill in your exercise routine. In particular, a treadmill doesn’t work out your upper body. To enjoy greater fitness benefits, you need to combine a treadmill workout with other activities such as strength training. 

Instead of running on a treadmill, you can use Aeroski for a weightlifting and treadmill alternative that is easier on your joints and more efficient overall. With Aeroski, your fitness goals will be easier to achieve this year. 

You can also incorporate your Aeroski workout machine into a HIIT workout. This will allow you to develop new and exciting activities to avoid getting tired of the same old routine. Even better, you’ll enjoy greater health benefits when you mix up your fitness plan and add variety to your exercise. 

Better Training Exercise

If you are a skier looking for a way to stay in shape when the slopes are closed, Aeroski is a great option for the offseason. Aeroski’s side-to-side motion is meant to be just like the actual motion of downhill skiing, so you will work out the same muscle groups. It can even help beginner skiers (or those with no prior skiing experience) work their way up to heading out to the mountains.

For skiers, there’s no match for Aeroski when it comes to a home exercise machine. A treadmill won’t keep you in the same kind of shape because that’s not what it’s designed to do, but Aeroski is. 

If you’re hoping to train for a marathon by using a treadmill, you may not achieve the desired results. Treadmills cannot match the kinds of outdoor conditions you will face in a marathon or race. The unnatural movement of the belt, for example, cannot compare to what it feels like to run on outdoor terrain. As a treadmill alternative, Aeroski will improve your overall fitness better than other exercise machines, allowing you to pursue any exercise goal with improved strength and endurance. 

Make Workouts More Enjoyable

One of the most critical parts of an effective exercise routine is actually enjoying it. If you’re stuck performing the same workout over and over again, you’re less likely to stick to your exercise goals or make the time to work out each day. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of treadmills is that they can quickly become boring. The monotonous movement combined with the feeling that you are stuck in one place can easily make workouts feel like a chore. It’s hard to find the motivation and dedication to make fitness New Year’s resolutions last when you don’t enjoy your treadmill workouts. Consider treating yourself to a treadmill alternative this year for lasting fitness routines that you’ll look forward to.

Aeroski is a treadmill alternative that offers a much more dynamic and engaging workout experience than any treadmill can. The Aeroski workout machine simulates the movement of downhill skiing, so you feel like you’re constantly in motion. With Aeroski’s VR headset, you can immerse yourself in alpine scenery so you’ll both feel and see the interactive skiing experience. You’re sure to have a more enjoyable workout experience with Aeroski’s skiing machine so you can combat exercise burnout

When you choose Aeroski as a treadmill alternative, you’ll be able to meet all of your New Year’s fitness goals. With the VR experience and unique features Aeroski offers, you’ll even find inspiration to create new goals along the way. 

This New Year, choose Aeroski as the treadmill alternative that will make sticking to fitness goals fun, so your resolutions will last beyond February 1st!

Why VR Fitness Should Be On Your Radar

Why VR Fitness Should Be On Your Radar

5 Ways VR Fitness is Revolutionizing the Way We Work Out

 Virtual Reality or VR is in the news more and more these days. You’ve probably read about how VR is used for entertainment purposes. VR makes video games, and movies feel more realistic and interactive to players and viewers through headsets that immerse the user in a virtual experience. 

In fact, the first thing you think of when you hear VR is probably an image of a gamer wearing VR goggles. The influence of VR stretches beyond the entertainment world, making waves in areas including education and health. 

Did you know that VR has fitness applications as well? VR fitness combines working out with the virtual reality experience, revolutionizing how people exercise. Read on to find out five ways VR fitness is changing the fitness experience and how an Aeroski workout machine can bring VR fitness into your home exercise routine. 

VR Makes Fitness More Interactive

It can be challenging to find the motivation to work out, especially when you’re tired of your regular fitness routine. If you’re used to traditional workouts in the gym, you might be sick of feeling like you’re stuck in one place. Whether you’re on the treadmill, exercise bike, or other typical exercise machines, if all you have to look at is the four walls of the gym around you, you’re bound to feel like you’re missing something.

VR makes workouts more interactive. Rather than staring at concrete blocks, you can put on a VR headset and be in the outdoor setting of your dreams. If a drab environment makes you lose interest in your exercise program, VR fitness is the answer. 

Aeroski’s workout machine comes with a pair of VR goggles that allow you to immerse yourself in the alpine scenery when you download the app on your phone. An Aeroski workout simulates the motions of downhill skiing, so you’ll feel just like you’re on the slopes even though you’re actually in your living room! VR makes an Aeroski workout an exciting experience, so you’ll be motivated to maintain a regular exercise routine and reach new fitness goals

Be Part of A Modern Fitness Refresh

VR is revolutionizing the fitness industry by bringing it into the 21st century. VR combines fitness with exciting modern technology for a more enriching experience. If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate technology into your fitness routine beyond the step counter on your wrist, VR fitness is an excellent addition to your exercise plans.

There are many VR fitness apps and experiences available, and more are being developed, so you’re sure to be able to find one that matches your interests. Even VR games you can play will let you get a workout along the way without even trying. These are a great way to get started with VR and stay active while you’re having fun.

An Aeroski workout machine is a perfect way to be a part of VR fitness. An Aeroski workout is a full-body experience, so you’ll be able to tone all the major muscle groups. Even better, you can use Aeroski’s VR goggles and the Aeroski fitness app for an immersive VR fitness experience

Enjoy Physical and Mental Health Benefits

One study asked VR users how virtual reality impacted their mental and physical health. Overall, most participants stated that VR use had positive benefits for both their mental and physical health. In a difficult time, VR kept users occupied. The exercise activity level of VR users was also more likely to be vigorous than mild, suggesting that VR encourages a higher level of fitness

VR fitness programs like Aeroski’s VR goggles with different scenery options immerse users in an interactive and engaging environment. Once you connect your Aeroski headset to the Aeroski fitness app, you can select from multiple virtual skiing locations, such as a mountainside retreat or a beautiful forest path. With Aeroski, you can have the ideal vacation skiing experience — complete with a great skiing workout and a scenic view — without leaving your living room. An Aeroski workout is a perfect way to prioritize your physical and mental health while exercising safely from home.

Consider the Innovative Rehabilitation Applications

VR fitness is not just about joining in on the latest exercise fad that’s trending in the headlines. Research has shown that VR fitness can be beneficial to individuals dealing with or recovering from various health conditions. Here are a few examples of areas in which VR fitness has aided rehabilitation efforts.

  • COPD  One study found that a VR-based rehabilitation program helped COPD patients improve their mobility and physical health. Physical activity is an integral part of COPD treatment, and VR fitness can make staying active more enjoyable for COPD patients. 
  • Stroke  Another study utilized a VR exercise bike regime for patients who had suffered from strokes and found that the fitness routine improved the participants' physical activity level. VR may be a valuable tool in improving the fitness of patients as they recover from a stroke. 
  • Fibromyalgia — Research found that women who had fibromyalgia and participated in VR fitness had improved mobility skills and were less afraid of falling when exercising with VR than without it. VR fitness can help fibromyalgia patients feel more comfortable with the exercise and have better fitness abilities.
  • Chronic Pain — While exercising with chronic pain can be difficult due to the increased discomfort associated with exercise for chronic pain patients, the virtual reality component of VR fitness can provide a distraction from the pain. This can allow chronic pain patients to have a more enjoyable exercise experience. 
  • Physical Therapy — Recovery with physical therapy can be a difficult journey, and patients can sometimes struggle with motivation. VR fitness is a fun activity to make the physical therapy experience more entertaining, so patients will be more likely to stick with their fitness plan and reach their health goals. VR fitness can also make physical therapy a more engaging experience at home, even when a trainer or physical therapist isn’t present. 

Aeroski is a great home exercise machine that offers an immersive reality experience while individuals take part in an enjoyable physical activity. An Aeroski workout is also low-impact and does not stress your joints, making it a great option for individuals suffering from joint problems or those looking for a joint-friendly exercise machine to aid in their recovery from an injury. 

VR Promotes Positive and Active Aging

VR fitness is beneficial for those of all ages. Research has shown that VR fitness can improve the quality of life and physical health of older adults. After taking part in VR exercises for just 15 minutes twice a week for six weeks, participants showed both improved happiness levels and fitness levels. Scores of mental and physical well-being were greater after VR use for six weeks than they were before the study, suggesting that VR can be a beneficial tool in keeping older adults happy and active. 

When it comes to a VR fitness routine that’s great for people of any fitness level, Aeroski is the best option. Aeroski workout machine has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of resistance and three levels of support so those of all exercise experience levels can use it. Aeroski offers the flexibility to meet you at your fitness comfort level and the VR scenery of your choice for a beneficial and enjoyable VR fitness workout

Choose Aeroski to Get Started with VR Fitness 

Aeroski workout machines are an affordable way to bring VR fitness into your daily workout routine. Some workout trends require a lot of training or are expensive to try out in your own home, but Aeroski makes VR fitness easy to get started with. To join in on all of the VR fitness fun and to get all of the benefits it brings, get an Aeroski workout machine for your home gym.

With the Aeroski skiing machine, VR goggles, and Aeroski’s fitness app, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a complete workout experience. Choose Aeroski’s integrated VR fitness program to revolutionize the way you work out!

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