What is Aeroski: Ski Machine Workout Benefits | Aeroski

What is Aeroski: Ski Machine Workout Benefits | Aeroski

There’s nothing quite like that first day back on the slopes after months of waiting for ski season to arrive. And nothing can compare to the stiff, aching muscles that you wake up with the next day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ski all year long and never have to go through the pain and effort of getting your body back into skiing shape? 

That’s where Aeroski comes in. Aeroski is a home fitness machine that simulates the movements associated with downhill skiing. With Aeroski, the skiing season never has to end. You can do ski prep workouts at home so the minute there’s fresh powder in the mountains, you can hit the slopes in peak performance shape.

How It Works

One of the best things about Aeroski is that it’s uniquely designed to be a suitable workout machine for all fitness levels. Even though it’s great at helping active skiers maintain their endurance during the offseason, non-skiers who are just looking for a fun, interactive workout can use it too. 

Aeroski is designed with customizable Recoil Spring Resistance. You can adjust the springs to a level of resistance that is comfortable for you and your fitness level. As your endurance improves, you can easily increase the resistance to ensure you are always breaking a sweat and getting all of the health benefits of a ski machine HIIT workout.

You can also mix up your ski machine workouts by choosing to use the fixed handrails, the hands-free option, or the specially-designed ski poles that are included for free with your Aeroski. 

The Extra Perks

Exercising shouldn’t be a looming task on your to-do list every day. It should be fun! To help you look forward to your regular ski machine workout, Aeroski gifts every customer a VR headset for a 3D skiing experience. 

Through the Aeroski VR Fitness app, users can connect their VR headsets and choose from several virtual skiing paradises. Hop on your Aeroski, and exercise while flying down a pristine mountainside or skiing around forest trails so real that you can practically feel that cool mountain breeze blowing across your face. 

Not only does our fitness app help you enter a virtual alpine world, but it also can help you track your fitness goals. Develop an exercise routine, and create healthier habits as you use the app, your Aeroski, and our instructor-led videos to guide you. 

The Health Benefits

One of the biggest ski machine workout benefits is that you can get all of the movement and calorie-burn of skiing without the impact on your joints. Aeroski provides low-impact ski exercises that target specific muscle groups all over your body in order to build and tone muscle while lessening the stress and pressure that comes with normal weight training. This reduces your overall risk of injury while exercising.

With Aeroski, you can enjoy a full-body workout clinically shown to be more efficient at burning calories and toning muscle than running on a treadmill or using a standard cycle. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Aeroski and start reaching your fitness goals today! 

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