Interactive VR Downhill Skiing

Stream Unlimited Low-Impact Ski Workouts

Thanks to our VR downhill skiing technology, you can experience the thrill of the slopes by hopping on your ski workout machine. Our VR technology features live footage of terrains and footage from around the world, allowing you to set the pace and the difficulty level based on your skill and experience.

Lower Body Workout
with Coach Jamie

HIIT Workout
with coach Jamie 

Core Workout
with Coach Jamie

Upper Body Workout
with coach Jamie

Tune Into Our LIVE Ski Workouts at Home!

Like tuning into the action? Get your sweat on with our live ski workouts at home, thanks to Facebook and Instagram Live! Join the Aeroski community to discover new routines, techniques, trainers, nutritional tips and more.

The Right Tools to Crush Your Fitness Goals

To hit your goals, you need the right tools to succeed. With your Aeroski and all of its accessories, our goal is to help you meet your own. With every Aeroski workout machine purchase, you’ll receive some additional workout equipment in addition to the machine. The VR Viewer, ski poles and our ski fitness workout app are here to help you obliterate your workouts and maintain your routine. 

Set, track and follow up on your fitness goals with the Aeroski ski workout machine today!

Join us in embracing the new era of fitness with interactive ski workouts at home. With so many ways to burn those calories, hitting the slopes from home has become the go-to workout experience for active skiers, outdoor lovers and alternative exercise seekers everywhere. Without the aid of a trainer, anyone can enjoy low-impact ski exercises without worrying about their limited range of motion. 

And with so many exercise options, using Aeroski, you can take the guesswork out of your workout, dive into immersive fitness experience and say goodbye to the gym learning curve. 

Get lost in your own VR downhill skiing adventure and boost your fitness goals with Aeroski’s home workout machine today!