Getting in the Right Headspace for Physical Success With At-Home Ski Workouts

Getting in the Right Headspace for Physical Success With At-Home Ski Workouts

As important as physically committing to an exercise routine is, there is an equally important mental aspect to achieving fitness goals. Your actions will start with your thoughts, so it’s of tantamount importance to get in the right headspace to have physical success with your at-home ski workout.

Your fitness journey starts in your mind, so reap all the benefits of your ski machine with our guided and healthy steps. 

Positivity is Everything

To get the most of your ski workouts at home, start by being positive with yourself. The American Heart Association recommends celebrating your wins,big or small, by noting your progress (either on a calendar or in a logbook), asking friends or family to join your activities and by keeping your routines fun and exciting while mixing it up. Appreciate your own efforts, and track and celebrate your success! 1

If you miss a few days or don’t have your best workout, no problem! Don’t get down on yourself, simply appreciate the progress you have made and keep going. Focus on the things you’re doing right rather than any stumbles you may have.

Trainer Maureen Wilson from Shape reiterates this important lesson by saying, “When you accept that fitness isn't an all-or-nothing proposition, you're more likely to stick with it for life.” 

Find Your Crew

Getting in shape and staying fit is much easier when you’re not doing it alone. On our Facebook page, you watch fitness-related content, routines, read about others' success stories, and connect with people who are also doing ski workouts at home. We even offer live classes where you can participate in workouts from home, so you can say goodbye to the gym!

Whether online or with family or friends, it’s important to find people who can help you stay accountable. Share your fitness goals and review them with others often. Be honest and open about your successes as well as the things you can improve on, but always remain patient and remember to forgive yourself often.

Use the Right Tools

No matter what your fitness goals are, using the right tools can help you get there faster. Aeroski has the best ski workout app, which can help you track and achieve your goals.

If you have a smartwatch or pedometer, use it regularly and try to keep track of your goals to demolish during today’s routine. Track and log your ski workouts at home in the Aeroski app to help you improve and stay motivated.

Check out Aeroski’s YouTube Channel for different workout ideas and to see the success others have had with their at-home ski workout. Our videos can help you mix up your workout routine to make sure you’re getting the very most out of your ski machine.

Have Fun!

One of the biggest benefits of a ski machine is that it’s fun! Exercise and fitness don’t have to be miserable. With Aeroski, you’ll see how enjoyable working out can be. Having fun means you’re more likely to stick with your workout, and getting an at-home ski workout is a fun way to stay in shape, feel great, and build muscle and tone.



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