Handling Rest Days with Ski Machine Gyms

Handling Rest Days with Ski Machine Gyms

Diving into your at-home ski workouts can be fun, engaging and can help you test your physical limits. Once you’ve gotten into the groove of using your ski machine gym, you may forget you’re even working out. Getting an at-home ski workout can be just as fun as hitting the slopes, and it can be addicting. But just like other workouts, you’ll still want to build rest days into your ski routine.

Resting is actually an important part of working out. Those of us who are addicted to our ski machine gyms may not even realize that rest days can allow our bodies to recover even faster. So, while you’re tracking your activity in your ski exercise app, be sure to factor in rest days as part of your exercise plan.

Resting = Recovery

By taking a closer look at the benefits of rest days, Healthline writes that rest “helps tissue heal and grow, resulting in stronger muscles.” 1 While taking a closer look at the benefits of rest days, we’ve discovered that dedicated downtime: 

  • Gives your body time to replenish energy. 
  • Help you refocus and change your at-home ski workout as needed. 
  • Provides better insight into the intensity of your workouts
  • Prevents mental strain and aids in mental recovery A rest day helps you know if you need to work up the intensity — or lower it — to ensure you’re getting the very most out of your ski machine gym.

Working out can be hard on both the body and the mind, and it’s nice to take a day to do something different for yourself. Though it may seem counterproductive at first, resting is an important part of fitness and can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Rest Day Doesn’t Mean Doing Nothing

With all your hard work creating your routine for your ski machine workout, you may feel like if you take a rest day, you’ll lose the good habits you’ve formed. Luckily, taking a rest day doesn’t mean not doing anything in terms of fitness. 

Rather than go at full speed for your entire workout, try a lower intensity workout. Stretching, yoga, walking, and biking can all be good rest day activities as recommended by Shape.2 Use your rest days to try and do new activities and find other ways to stay healthy and active. Get in the habit of taking at least one rest day a week to let your body heal, but stay active enough on your rest day that you don’t lose your motivation for the next workout.

Plan Your Rest Days According to Your Workouts

Whether you’re brand new to a ski machine gym or a seasoned pro, rest days can help you better achieve your fitness goals by providing the perfect balance of testing and resting for your physique. Using Aeroski’s best ski workout app, be sure to plan times for rest.

If you’ve been going at high intensity, Sweat recommends that your rest day should look different than someone who’s just beginning. The higher intensity your workout is, the lower intensity your rest day should be. 3 Nobody knows yourself as you do, so plan your rest days based on your workouts. If you have been at moderate intensity this week, take a moderate rest day.

Aeroski has a ski exercise app that will help you reach your fitness and health goals. As you rest, you’ll notice your body feeling better and having more energy for your next ski machine gym workout. Check out Aeroski to see how much working out can be! 

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