How to Have the Best at Home Workout for Abs

How to Have the Best at Home Workout for Abs

How to Have the Best at Home Workout for Abs on Your Aeroski

It’s no secret that working on your abdominals is tops on the list for many people when it comes to exercising target areas. But getting a good at-home workout for abs can be confusing and difficult for so many people, especially as science reveals that old-school ab workouts are no longer effective (according to recent studies, all those crunches were such a time waste).

Thankfully with fitness equipment like Aeroski, we take the guesswork out of a truly effective core workout and deliver results you crave in less time.

Aeroski benefits aren’t just in the highly effective calorie burn you get with this full-body workout — though it is a perk. The Aeroski benefits you get far surpass fat-blasting and are rooted in the amazing core strengthening focus this machine provides. 

Having a strong core is incredibly beneficial when it comes to your overall health. According to Harvard Health, here are just a few of the fantastic benefits you’ll get from a thorough at-home workout for abs.

  • Everyday activities like bending over to pick something up or tie your shoe become easier or remain easier. No one likes waking up one morning, and realizing a simple task they took for granted is now painful and a struggle. 
  • Strengthening your core means having a healthy back. A healthy back also means you’re less likely to suffer from lower back pain. Sixty-five million Americans report some kind of back pain. Your at-home workout for abs now could prevent you from becoming part of that painful statistic. 
  • A strong core will often make you more athletic or perform better at the sports activities you enjoy. You’ll also reduce your risk of injury significantly. 
  • You’ll enjoy improved balance and stability. According to the CDC, about 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year. Unfortunately, 32,000 of those falls result in deaths, and one out of every five falls causes an injury, such as broken bones or a head injury.
  • A strong core with resilient abs will also aid you in maintaining good posture. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching and the overall wear and tear on the spine. 

It’s never too late to start training your core. Here are our tips for ensuring you get the best at-home workout for abs on your Aeroski:

Focus on Full-Body Workouts

Full-body workouts are significantly more effective than targeting a single area of your body. So if you want an at-home workout for abs, your best bet is to focus on the whole body and reap turbo-charged benefits that strengthen more than just your core.

Aeroski benefits the whole body as it engages multiple muscle groups. Its revolutionary design as a skiing fitness machine simulates the sensation that you’re skiing down the side of a mountain. The side-to-side movement is designed to engage every part of your body. You can even switch up the level of intensity by adjusting your grip or having no grip at all.

Enjoy simultaneously working these muscle groups:

  • Arms
  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Legs

With Aeroski, you’re not just strengthening several muscle groups, including your abs. You are also blasting calories and fat through the cardio aspect of the machine. 

Don’t Use Support Unless You Need It

When it comes to targeting your core and supercharging your at-home workout for abs, the secret lies within not relying on support. Aeroski comes with fixed handrails and even skiing poles to help simulate an actual skiing adventure (made exceptionally more realistic by adding our VR goggle accessories). But if you want to engage and strengthen your core in the ultimate at-home workout for abs, try focusing your workout without using the support bars. Use them if you need them for safety purposes or a break. But if you can push through and maintain balance, you’ll be engaging your core more and amping up your muscle-making powers. 

Aeroski benefits are tailored to each individual user. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner needing to work your way up toward doing more intense workouts – you can customize your training with the use of the fixed handrails or ski poles, virtual coaching and fitness videos online. 

Do Special Moves like Crunches and Squats During Cardio

Another Aeroski benefit is adding on other moves to help target more ab muscle strengthening. As you focus on going side-to-side, sit deep into a squat or throw in some arm action to simulate a moving side crunch. Engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously will also up the cardio burn.

Aeroski benefits go beyond the machine itself. When you purchase your Aeroski, you join an entire community of fellow skiing fitness enthusiasts. Log online for streamable workouts and virtual coaching from experts who know how to get the most out of your Aeroski.

For a really great and quick at-home workout for abs on your Aeroski, check out this effective and fund video with Aeroski. The entire video is less than 20 minutes and will work your entire core while giving you a fantastic cardio workout. 

Practice HIIT At Home

Another great way to get an effective at-home workout for abs on your Aeroski is by using the machine in your HIIT circuit. While ab workouts alone will strengthen your core muscles, studies show that they don’t burn belly fat or flatten your belly.

However, when you incorporate ab workouts in a HIIT circuit that involves intense cardio and lots of sweating, research shows you’ll burn more fat and increase your metabolism— all while strengthening your core. Now your ab workout won’t be in vain because the fat-blasting powers of HIIT will help flatten your belly while the core exercises also strengthen your abs at the same time. 

Work on Balance

Balance and ab workouts go hand-in-hand. If you have a strong core, you will have a better balance. But also, balancing engages your core and ultimately strengthens your abs.

Aeroski benefits your balance exceptionally. While you mostly go from side to side when you engage in cardio on your Aeroski, when you bring yourself to a stop at the top of the arc without holding onto a support bar or poles, you are engaging your entire core and working on your balance. This is the perfect way to get a fun and engaging at-home workout for abs. It’s so simple and yet highly effective. 

Aeroski is the At-Home Workout For Abs You’ve Been Looking For

Finding fun workout equipment to keep at your home and never get bored may seem impossible. But not only is Aeroski incredibly fun, but it’s also highly effective at both cardio and ab strengthening. 

You’ll get the sweat session of your dreams while having fun with this skiing fitness machine. Add on our VR goggles or stream one of our group workout classes, and you’ll never run out of ways to freshen up your daily workout. Every day can be new and exciting with Aeroski

Click here to learn more about how Aeroski benefits can change the way you work out at home. 

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