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7 Reasons Why Aeroski is the Most Fun and Effective Cardio Machine You’ve Never Tried



1. Easy, Fun, and Effective Cardio Workout

Aeroski’s unique and versatile design is made to provide the benefits of a demanding and adventurous sport with the rush of being in the alpines, in the comfort of your own home. It’s an experience, not a workout, getting you one step closer to improved overall fitness, well-being, and lifestyle.

2. Burn More Calories Than Boring Traditional Home Gyms

Clinical Studies proved that Aeroski is more efficient at calorie burning and muscle toning than cycling on a stationary bike or a treadmill. Aeroski will work your arms, core, legs, and glutes simultaneously, saving you precious time.

3. No risk of injury from high impact movements

Aeroski offers three levels of resistance and three support options, for an easy and safe workout that meets all fitness levels while working all major muscle groups through Plyometric training, improving your strength and endurance without adding impact to your joints.

4. Virtual Coaching on-demand

Get engaged, stay motivated, and achieve your fitness goals with Aeroski’s free on-demand classes led by professional fitness trainers. Join live on Instagram and Facebookor or watch when it’s convenient for you and build your skills with classes that include routines to tone and burn, for a total body workout.

5. Fits Your Needs and Fits Anywhere

Includes fixed handrail and Ski Poles, with padded grip for an easy and safe workout. Made for all age groups, and it’s something you and your family can enjoy. With a small footprint, Aeroski makes a great addition to your home gym, fits in small spaces and is easy to store away.

6. Ski Conditioning All Year Long

There’s nothing like that first day back on the slopes, but when it’s the off season, options are limited. Aeroski helps skiers reach peak performance in preparation for the season and can help reduce the overall risk of injury when they’re ready to hit the slopes.

7. Let's talk about value

Aeroski was engineered to help professional athletes, but made to be accessible to all fitness levels. While other Ski simulators can cost over $4,000 - Aeroski’s price is unbeatable at under $350, fast and free delivery, and the total satisfaction guarantee allows you to try it risk free for 30 days.