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The Basic

The Basic

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Aeroski, the most fun home-fitness machine that provides toning and muscle control through plyometric training, using resistance and balance to trim and tone your body. Featuring resistance springs to counterbalance your own body weight to help you achieve the perfect glide. Aeroski gives you the workout that’s right for you, in as little as 10 minutes per day.


  • Aeroski
  • Free App


  • INTENSE WORKOUT - Aeroski works all major muscle groups through Plyometric training, improving your strength and endurance. Aeroski uses resistance and balance to tone your upper body, lower body and core in one fun simple workout.

  • LOW-IMPACT - Aeroski provides a total-body workout that combines cardio and resistance training, improving your strength and endurance without added impact on your joints.

  • SPRINGS UPGRADE - Upgraded with the new RSR (Recoil Spring Resistance) Technology for maximum durability and user resistance customization.

  • EASY & SAFE - Aeroski offers three levels of resistance and three support options, for an easy and safe workout that meets all fitness levels. Use Aeroski’s handles for full-body HIIT training, the fixed bar focuses on your lower body to strengthen and define glutes and thighs or go free-style to get a plyometric workout that engages all of your muscles. 

  • FREE FITNESS APP - Featuring Custom Routines, Coach-Led Classes, and a Meal Plan specially designed to help you achieve maximum calorie burn and muscle toning.
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