The versatile, lightweight and space-efficient Aeroski alpine ski training equipment offers a state-of-the-art workout taken from ski slopes around the world right to your home. With movements and techniques that closely replicate a workout only on the tops of the world’s highest peaks can offer, anyone can train, set goals and develop endurance even during the off-season. Check out our various training levels, warm-ups, cool-downs and more below.

Below, you’ll find:

  • Ski machine workout benefits
  • Beginner techniques
  • Intermediate training
  • Advanced training techniques
  • Using Our Ski Exercise App

Fundamentals of Aeroski Training

Ski training at home has never been easier than with a new ski trainer exercise machine. Aeroski provides strength training for skiing by targeting key muscle groups through optimal muscle engagement and minimal joint resistance.

With a powerful, fat-burning ski machine workout, you can:

  • Tone your arms, glutes, core and legs
  • Strengthen and tone muscles
  • Improve your endurance
  • Increase the calories you burn
  • Receive balance and support from the Resistance Bands
  • Experience an authentic alpine workout with the Virtual Reality Viewer goggles
  • Measure your reps, time and calories with the Electronic Fitness Monitor
  • Track your workout and goals with our ski exercise app
  • Engage in an incredible workout no matter your fitness level

For questions and information about the Aeroski, check out our FAQs!

Warm-Ups & Stretches

With the ability to do ski fitness training at home, you can get your workout started with instructor-led warm-ups that focus on your technique, muscle and joint engagement and can prepare you for a killer workout. Improve your calorie-burning potential, prep your joints and get ready to meet your fitness goals by stretching and warming up your muscles the right way with our stretches and warm-ups below.

Beginner Workouts

Never used Aeroski before? Looking to get a serious ski machine workout without leaving your living room? Then let’s get going. Our beginner ski training exercises at home are designed for those who haven’t seen a gym in a while or haven’t had the experience with our ski training machine. Beginners aiming to burn calories can do so with fast and easy techniques thanks to Aeroski’s beginner-friendly design. With trainer-led workouts, you can start toning, building muscle and seeing results right away and keep track of your progress with our ski exercise app.

Intermediate Workouts

No amateurs here! Our intermediate ski machine workouts are crafted for those who are well-versed in using their Aeroski but aren’t die-hard fitness fans. Intermediate users would also be those looking to get a quick workout in and getting on with their day.

Remember, it’s always important to warm up and stretch before your workout, and cool down after you’ve hit your calorie quota for the day.

Advanced Exercises

Getting an insane workout is on the top of your mind every single day. Anything to bring you closer to that pump and burning crazy amounts of calories is the workout you’re looking for. Whether that’s hitting the mountain or getting the same exhilarating workout from home, you’re here to burn calories, build muscle and flex your skills on the slopes. With your alpine ski training equipment by your side, check out how these killer workouts can work for you.

Cooldown Exercises

You did it! Now’s the time to finish out a great ski machine workout with these key cool-down exercises and stretches that will maintain your calorie burn for hours to come.