5 Reasons Why Home Workouts Fail

5 Reasons Why Home Workouts Fail

Home is where the heart is—and home is an excellent place to keep that heart pumping strong. However, many who venture into the world of home workouts often find it’s harder than they initially thought to keep a regular fitness routine. 


In this article, learn what makes even the best intentions for working out in the comfort of your own home unravel, and how an at-home ski workout machine like Aeroski can be the perfect solution.


 1: Consistency

According to multiple studies, it typically takes about 66 days to establish a habit. When you perform a task regularly, such as exercising, you train not only your body but also your consciousness to develop a dependency on that task and to fully integrate it into your life and routines.

Suffice to say, turning exercise into a habit is easier said than done. It can be hard to be consistent about working out at home. Sometimes it feels nice to lay in bed for an extra hour in the morning or to plop onto the couch after a long day of work and simply rest. It’s also incredibly easy for time to slip through your fingers; one minute, you’re thinking to yourself, “One more chapter and then I’ll get to my workout,” or, “Just one more cat video.” The next thing you know, your watch or phone is telling you it’s past your bedtime.

Developing the discipline to workout at home is surprisingly difficult. Holding yourself accountable is even more so. After all, who is going to dole out the consequences if you’re going it on your own? Fortunately, technology has helped bridge the gap between good intentions and genuine motivation, providing a veritable endless cache of resources with just a few taps on a smartphone.


 2: Poor Form

If you work out at home, take the time to learn the proper form for each exercise you complete. This may seem like overkill, but remember—it costs nothing to be cautious. Do you know what tends to cost a lot? A pulled muscle or sprained wrist, and unfortunately, this can be all too common in the home workout world.

The scariest thing about poor exercise form is that adverse effects don’t always manifest right away. You could be working out for weeks and putting strain on certain muscles or joints until one day you wake up and can’t put your full weight on your left knee or your lower back is so sore you feel like you’ve aged ten years. Less than ideal.

On the bright side, this is easily solved. Look up videos for examples of professionals performing the workouts you want to do. Mastering proper form isn’t hard; it just takes a bit of effort. And exercise machines like Aeroski help—the right movement is built into the design.

3: Lack of Equipment 

Myth: you need an exorbitant amount of expensive exercise gear and equipment to get an effective workout.

Truth: It’s quite possible to work out at home with nothing but your own body. It’s also possible to acquire simple equipment to fulfill your fitness goals. Whether it’s an excuse or a simple misconception, those who correlate fitness with equipment end up overspending on superfluous gadgets or don’t tend to get satisfying results from their home workouts.

Those who are put off by the cost of high-tech exercise equipment are easily herded back over to the brick-and-mortar gym corner.

4: Limited Space 

Let’s be honest: not everyone lives in a 5-bedroom house with a spacious yard. Home looks different to different people, and home workouts tend to be more realistic for those with more space. After all, a studio apartment is barely fit to accommodate any kind of gratuitous range of motion, let alone a home gym.

Limited space can result in a perceived limit to creativity or variety in exercise. However, you’re only as limited as your imagination—or the millions of online videos, apps, and machines designed to supplement your workouts and provide guidance on your fitness journey.

5: Lack of Community

Working out at home can feel isolating at times. At public gyms, being surrounded by others working toward achieving their own fitness goals is often quite motivating. It’s hard to feel that sense of community when working out at home, particularly when you’re alone. The structure of group classes and the presence of others performing the same workout at the same time as you can bolster your endurance and carry you through a particularly tough rep.


Aeroski: The Solution to Home Gym Hiatus

Did you know it’s possible to get a full-body, core-engaging workout with only one piece of equipment? Aeroski is the revolutionary at-home ski workout that takes you to the slopes without stepping foot outside your home.

Aeroski implements cardio-intensive low impact ski exercises into one fluid machine, meticulously designed to mimic the movement of skiing to target arms, glutes, core, and legs. And thanks to its lightweight, streamlined design, you can enjoy incredibly effective, high-intensity workouts in the comfort of your own home without worrying whether or not it’ll fit.

In addition to calorie-burning,  muscle-shredding home workouts, Aeroski provides a ski fitness workout app along with VR goggles for a completely immersive reality alpine experience. Home fitness can be tough, but with the right equipment and resources, it’s not only possible — it’s preferable.




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