Tracking Your Workout with the Aeroski App

Tracking Your Workout with the Aeroski App

“That which is measured improves,” a quote often attributed to Karl Pearson, means that when we want to improve our performance, we need to measure our effort. Aeroski has made this possible with its Aeroski Fitness App making it easy to track your ski machine cardio workouts. Available for both iPhone and Android, download the best ski workout app to help you 1) measure progress, 2) build motivation, and 3) form habits. 

Measure Progress

According to Fitstream, measuring your progress should be a part of your health and fitness training. They point out that without tracking your progress, you see how far you’ve improved. This app will take out the guesswork and you’ll know exactly how many minutes you have spent on your Aeroski machine. 

Build Motivation 

Fitstream also mentions that tracking your fitness routines will help to build your motivation. By looking at your workout history, you’ll see that your hard work is paying off and thus keep you motivated to keep going. Wellness specialist Jasmine Young agrees. “Make it a point to...reflect on your journey and inspire yourself to keep it going.” 

Form Habits 

Tracking your workouts will raise awareness of what you are doing. Fitstream says doing this will “lead to more healthy choices.” The actions you reinforce will become second nature. WebMD suggests making a game of it. With the Aeroski app you can earn different achievements for continuous minutes or a specific number of advanced workouts. As you strive to get each achievement, you’ll be developing a healthy habit. 

The Aeroski 2.0 Ski Training Machine is lightweight and easy to assemble. It’s the perfect way to workout at home and feel like your skiing down the slopes. You’ll burn more calories and tone more muscle groups than using stationary cycling or a treadmill. Each machine comes with VR goggles to use with the Aeroski app allowing you to get lost in the alpine experience.

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