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Push vs. Pull Workouts 101

The Ultimate Guide to Push vs. Pull Workouts

The Ultimate Guide to Push vs. Pull Workouts

Setting fitness goals is an excellent strategy for maintaining exercise motivation and making sure that you continue to make progress in the long-run. Clear objectives help keep you inspired and hold you accountable. Best of all, there are many different kinds of fitness goals you can set, so you’re sure to be able to make this strategy work for you. For example, you could decide how often you will work out each week or how long each of your workout sessions will be. 

Another way to approach your fitness goals is to define certain skills that you want to work on developing. You can choose from a wide range of fitness-related skills including making improvements in flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle mass, balance, agility and speed. Trying new types of workouts is another great fitness goal that will keep your exercise routine interesting and help improve your fitness abilities. 

If your fitness goals include toning your muscles, increasing your muscle mass and working out your upper body in particular, push vs. pull workouts are an excellent type of exercise to add to your regular fitness routine. In this article, find out everything you need to know about push vs. pull workouts and what benefits you can see from adding them to your fitness program

What are Push vs. Pull Workouts?What are Push vs. Pull Workouts?

Push vs. pull workouts are a type of exercise that falls under the category of strength training techniques. The ‘push’ and ‘pull’ in push vs. pull workouts is a reference to the two different ways that muscles can move in the body — by pushing or pulling. Push vs. pull workouts engage muscle groups based on whether they move by pushing or pulling. 

Push vs. pull workouts are made up of two different periods of exercise. In the first part of the workout, muscles that function by pushing are targeted. Examples of pushing muscles are the shoulders, triceps and chest. In the second part of the workout, you focus on muscles that move by pulling. Muscles that pull include the biceps, forearms and back. A complete push vs. pull workout is typically done over the course of multiple days, with a break in between the first and second parts of the workout.

Muscles that push and muscles that pull work together on a daily basis to coordinate the opposing actions needed to perform normal movements. Push vs. pull workouts take a unique approach by exercising these muscle groups separately to make sure each type of muscle receives adequate attention. The goal of these workouts is to train and tone the muscles so they can work together better as you perform activities like other types of exercise, athletic pursuits and regular actions in your everyday life. 

Benefits of Push vs. Pull WorkoutsBenefits of Push vs. Pull Workouts

Trying out new fitness strategies like push vs. pull workouts can help you meet your fitness goals and combat obstacles like exercise boredom that you will likely encounter as you continue your fitness journey. Push vs. pull workouts are a worthwhile addition to your typical exercise routine for several reasons. Here are some of the top benefits of push vs. pull workouts: 

Easy to PerformEasy to Perform

One of the best features of push vs. pull workouts is that they are easy to get started with. That means that individuals of any fitness level can easily perform push vs. pull workouts. They are simple to add to your exercise routine and can be adjusted based on your skill level

For example, if you’re new to exercise, you might exercise push muscles one day, rest the next day and then exercise pull muscles the next day. If you have more exercise experience, you could target push muscle on day 1 and pull muscles the next day. You can also vary the intensity of the exercises you choose to include in each part of your push vs. pull workout. 

Prevent Muscle ImbalancesPrevent Muscle Imbalances

Push vs. pull workouts are a great way to help avoid one common strength training issue — muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances occur when one half of an opposing muscle team is weaker than the other, usually because it hasn’t been targeted as much as the other half. This limits functionality and increases the risk that injuries will occur. With push vs. pull workouts, you exercise each half of opposing muscle groups equally, making muscle imbalances much less likely to occur. 

Allows for RecoveryAllows for Recovery

Push vs. pull workouts involve exercising each type of muscle individually. That means that when you’re focusing on targeting muscles that pull, the muscles that push are getting a break. As a result, push vs. pull workouts allow for essential recovery that can make these exercises even more effective. Adequate rest prevents muscles from getting overworked and gives the muscles time to repair themselves and grow. 

Boost PerformanceBoost Performance

Push vs. pull workouts can benefit your performance in other areas of your life. They can help improve your fitness abilities during other types of exercise, as well as movements that you perform in everyday life. Since push vs. pull workouts aim to improve the natural dynamic between imposing muscle groups, they boost the functional strength of your muscles and support optimal movement and use in all the actions you perform. 

Build MuscleBuild Muscle

One of the main reasons that push vs. pull workouts have gained popularity is that they are especially useful in building muscle mass. They are optimally structured to promote muscle growth. By intensely targeting one class of muscles and then giving it time to recover while working out the opposing muscle class, push vs. pull workouts are great at both pushing the muscles to their limits and letting them rest. They provide the ideal conditions that stimulate muscle growth, so if increasing muscle mass is one of your fitness goals, these are a great strategy to add to your routine. 

Push vs. Pull Workouts: Example StructurePush vs. Pull Workouts: Example Structure

Once you’ve discovered all of the amazing benefits of push vs. pull workouts, all that’s left to do is add this fitness strategy to your exercise program. There is one traditional format for this type of workout that is often recommended to get started with. It’s referred to as the push/pull/legs or PPL workout, and is spread out over 3 days of active exercise. 

On Day 1, the chest, triceps and shoulders — or the muscles that push — are exercised. The next day, the muscles that pull (the back, biceps, hips and forearms) are targeted. Finally, on Day 3, it’s time to focus on the muscles in the legs, including the hamstrings, calves, glutes and quads. Depending on your skill level, rest days could be included in between each of the push, pull or leg workout sessions

Enjoy Exercise with AeroskiEnjoy Exercise with Aeroski

Trying out new fitness strategies like push vs. pull workouts are a great way to keep yourself from getting bored with your fitness routine. Variety is key for any effective workout program, and the skills you develop while completing one type of exercise can help you excel at other forms of exercise. With push vs. pull workouts, you’ll work on improving fitness capabilities like muscle tone and mass, upper body strength and overall performance. 

These improvements will help you excel as you exercise on your Aeroski machine. You can also take the benefits you get from full-body workouts with Aeroski into your push vs. pull workouts. Aeroski’s full-body fitness targets all of the major muscle groups in the body during each exercise session, combining cardio exercise with muscle toning resistance training. When you make push vs. pull workouts and full-body exercise with Aeroski regular strategies in your fitness rotation, you’re sure to meet fitness goals like improving strength, muscle mass and toning your body. 

Try Aeroski today for effective and enjoyable full-body fitness that will inspire you to keep moving forward on your exercise journey! 

12 Fitness Goals For Each Month of 2023 with Aeroski

12 Fitness Goals For Each Month of 2023 with Aeroski

12 Fitness Goals For Each Month of 2023 with Aeroski

When it comes to the annual tradition of making New Year’s resolutions related to exercise, the end result is usually a general fitness goal. For example, individuals will pledge to work out regularly without putting together a concise exercise plan, or will vow to simply ‘exercise more’ without attaching specific guidelines for doing so. 

While setting fitness goals for the New Year is always a good idea, choosing vague objectives and failing to make them as detailed as possible is not the best way to go about making these resolutions. In fact, fitness goals are one of the most commonly abandoned types of New Year’s resolutions

A great way to set yourself up for success in meeting your fitness goals and finding the best workout plan for you in 2023 is to create detailed monthly goals. Take the time to write down objectives for each month of the year so you’ll have a list to reference when you feel tempted to break your resolution or are simply losing motivation. 

In this article, we’ve put together a sample list of monthly fitness goals for 2023. This is just one example of how to structure your fitness goals and direct your exercise efforts with Aeroski. Feel free to adopt these exercise objectives as your own or use our list as a jumping off point to create your own calendar of fitness goals. 

January: Set Up Your Home GymJanuary: Set Up Your Home Gym

The fitness goal you choose for January is probably the most important one on this list. It will set the tone for your exercise journey for the rest of the year. That’s why it’s essential to make sure this goal puts you in a great position to work hard and be successful with the best workout plan possible in the months to come. 

We recommend choosing to get your home gym set up as your January goal. Here are some tips for making this fitness goal a reality:

  • Set Up a Dedicated Space Choose one dedicated space in your house to be your designated home gym. If you don’t have the extra square footage to devote one specific room to your home gym, that’s okay too. Just decide which area of the house you’ll be performing your exercises in, whether it’s the living room, bedroom or garage, so you have a space in mind when you’re ready to begin. 
  • Make It Your Own Once you’ve picked an area as a dedicated exercise space in your house or apartment, make sure to make it your own. Outfit it with features that will enhance your workout experience and help you stay motivated. Examples of helpful additions to a home gym include speakers to play music, a TV to stream your favorite shows or movies and motivational quotes on the wall to inspire you to work hard and meet your fitness goals.
  • Pick a Great Exercise Machine The most important decision you’ll make when setting up your home gym is choosing an at-home exercise machine. Choose Aeroski to enjoy the most fun cardio machine on the market from the comfort of your own home. Aeroski is easy to assemble and set up wherever you like in your home. 

Once you’ve got your Aeroski situated in your home gym and have created a relaxing space to exercise in, use the rest of the month to start getting acquainted with Aeroski and learning how to use your machine. Start to get comfortable so you can build up your exercise efforts as the year progresses. 

February: Start Increasing Your Workout LengthFebruary: Start Increasing Your Workout Length

When you first set up your Aeroski and start exercising with it, you might decide to start off with very short workout sessions. If you’re just getting started with regular exercise, you might decide to exercise for as little as 10 minutes a day at the beginning. As you get more familiar with the Aeroski machine, feel free to start increasing the length of your fitness sessions. In February, aim to work out longer during each session. You can also set a fitness goal like working out for four days a week instead of just two or three.

March: Don’t Forget to StretchMarch: Don’t Forget to Stretch

Pre- and post-workout stretches are commonly overlooked when it comes to developing the best workout plan possible. If you want to avoid suffering exercise-related injuries that will keep you from meeting your fitness goals in the year to come, stretches are essential. This month, focus on finding stretches that work for you and perform them before and after your Aeroski fitness sessions. You’ll get to enjoy the many benefits stretching has, like:

  • Improving Flexibility
  • Supporting Blood Flow to the Muscles
  • A Better Range of Motion
  • Lowering Risk of Injury
  • Increasing Exercise Performance

April: Try Different Workout RoutinesApril: Try Different Workout Routines

As you get started with Aeroski in the beginning of the year, you may fall into a pattern of completing one exercise routine every time you step onto your Aeroski machine. While this is definitely a great way to get your feet wet and get used to exercising with Aeroski, it’s important to add variety to your routine as time passes. The best workout plans involve switching things up to make sure you continue to challenge yourself and make progress toward your fitness goals

May: Join a Coach-Led ClassMay: Join a Coach-Led Class

By May, you will have probably become a lot more comfortable with your Aeroski machine than you were in January. While you may be used to working out on your own, you may also be looking for a feeling of community or more support to guide your fitness efforts. This month, join a coach-led class through the Aeroski app to get more focused guidance and to truly feel like you’re a part of the Aeroski community

June: Explore HIIT Workouts June: Explore HIIT Workouts

The six month mark is a great time to add a new workout strategy to the best workout plan that you’ve been focused on developing. This month, try HIIT workouts with Aeroski to make your fitness sessions even more effective and make continued progress toward your fitness goals. Enjoy the many benefits of HIIT exercise, including:

  • Burning More Calories
  • Lasting Elevated Metabolic Rate
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Better Performance in Aerobic and Anaerobic Activities

July: Incorporate Hot Weather TipsJuly: Incorporate Hot Weather Tips

In many areas, July is the hottest month of the year. As you deal with this sweltering weather, it’s important not to give up on your fitness goals. Incorporate hot weather exercise tips into your fitness routine to improve your exercise experience instead of skipping workouts. Here are some tips for making the most of exercising in summer:

  • Prioritize Hydration
  • Work Out in the Morning or Evening
  • Wear Lightweight Clothing
  • Pick an Air-Conditioned Exercise Space

August: Check Out the Aeroski AppAugust: Check Out the Aeroski App

As you enter the second half of the year, it can be easy to lose steam and feel a loss of workout motivation. To beat workout boredom, check out the Aeroski app for a wide selection of exercise routines to inspire you. You can also create your own custom routines based on your desired intensity level and workout session length. Use this time to reinvent your exercise routine as you build the best workout plan possible to help you meet your fitness goals. 

September: Optimize Your DietSeptember: Optimize Your Diet

The journey towards achieving your fitness goals isn’t just about how often you exercise or what fitness moves you choose to do. To make the biggest impact possible on your physical health, both diet and exercise should be optimized. Take this month to consider ways you can improve your nutrition habits, such as enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables or trying out a new healthy recipe every week. Consider adding green smoothies and other healthy foods to your regular routine for the best results possible.

October: Exercise With a FriendOctober: Exercise With a Friend

This month, share your exercise journey with a loved one. Make it a point to work out with a friend or family member on a regular basis in October. Whether you set up a time to exercise while on Zoom or FaceTime, or pick a spot to set up your Aeroski machines next to each other in-person, working out with another person is a great way to work towards your fitness goals. Sharing the exercise experience can help reinspire your fitness efforts, give you a sense of support and keep you accountable as you work towards your goals. 

November: Challenge Yourself November: Challenge Yourself

By November, you’ll definitely be used to working out on the Aeroski machine. While it’s great to feel comfortable with your exercise strategies, it’s important not to become bored by your workouts. This month, challenge yourself by completing a workout you’ve never done before. Whether that means adding core-focused exercise, a lower body toning session or an intense round of cardio HIIT fitness to your workout plan, make sure you feel challenged and inspired this month.

December: Make Exercise FunDecember: Make Exercise Fun

December is one of the busiest months of the year as you juggle work tasks, holiday celebrations and end-of-year preparations. As a result, it's easy for fitness goals to get lost in the shuffle. Instead of stressing about meeting your fitness goals and creating the best workout plan possible during an already stressful time, make exercise fun this month. Turn it into a stress-relieving activity that you can actually look forward to. You’ll be much more motivated to make time for exercise during this hectic season if you enjoy it. Here are some tips for adding enjoyment to your workout plan:

  • Create a Holiday Playlist
  • Listen to Podcasts While Exercising
  • Wear a New Workout Outfit
  • Try Fun Fitness Accessories
  • Exercise in a Different Spot

Enjoy Year-Round Exercise with AeroskiEnjoy Year-Round Exercise with Aeroski

The most effective way to make exercise fun year-round is to choose the best at-home workout machine possible. When you make Aeroski the star of your home gym, you won’t have to worry about suffering from workout boredom or dreading meeting your monthly fitness goals. Aeroski’s dynamic motion provides a unique exercise experience that will keep you entertained all year. Best of all, it provides highly effective full-body workouts that will help you meet all of your fitness goals.

Choose Aeroski today for your home gym to make the most of your fitness efforts in 2023! 

Build a Better Fitness Plan with Aeroski

How Aeroski Can Supercharge Your Fitness Plan in 2023

How Aeroski Can Supercharge Your Fitness Plan in 2023

When it comes to fitness goals and the New Year, resolutions are usually focused on getting started with a regular fitness plan. These types of fitness goals are typically set by those who aren’t currently following an exercise program, or who haven’t worked out for an extended period of time. 

That doesn’t mean that fitness goals and exercise-related New Year’s resolutions aren’t for those who already work out. Just because you have a fitness plan and are regularly active already doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements to your exercise routine and set new fitness goals. 

Read on to find out how Aeroski can supercharge your fitness plan in 2023. Here are just a few of the ways full-body workouts with Aeroski will enhance your exercise efforts in January and beyond. 

Choose a Full Body WorkoutChoose a Full Body Workout

If you’re a fan of exercise already, you’re probably no stranger to choosing between different kinds of workouts when you head to the gym or exercise at home. Your existing fitness plan might even include dedicated “leg days” or “arm days” focused on exercising your lower body or upper body separately. 

Full-body workouts are different. As the name suggests, a full body workout involves exercising the entire body at once. Aeroski is an example of an excellent full body workout that engages all of the major muscle groups in the body during each fitness session. Full-body workouts have a wide range of benefits that make them a more effective fitness strategy than exercising different parts of the body separately, including:

  • Calorie-Burning Potential Full-body workouts are often touted for their high calorie-burning potential. When you work out your entire body all at once, you’re able to burn more calories than you would by just working out your upper body or your lower body on their own. The body uses more energy to complete exercises that involve multiple muscle groups, allowing more calories to be burned. 
  • Gain Muscle If one of your fitness goals for the New Year is to gain muscle mass, full body workouts are a great option to add to your regular fitness plan. When your workouts engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, they can help promote the gain of lean muscle mass in the body. This is not only beneficial for meeting muscle mass goals, but for stimulating your metabolism. 
  • Build Strength Another very common fitness goal is to increase strength. Full-body workouts can help you build up your strength because they provide a more challenging exercise experience for your body. If you work out your arms one day and your legs another day, you’re only really exercising one muscle group at a time. With a full-body workout, all of the muscle groups in your body are put to the test simultaneously, providing a greater challenge and helping you build up your strength as a result.

Aeroski is a great full body workout that puts the upper body, lower body, core and back to work every time you step on the pedals of your machine. 

Try HIIT FitnessTry HIIT Fitness

Another change to consider making to your existing fitness plan in the New Year is adding a new kind of exercise to your rotation. A great option for meeting this fitness goal is to try HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. In a HIIT fitness session, you alternate between short periods of high intensity exercise and longer periods of lower intensity fitness. These workouts are usually no longer than 30 minutes, and can be as short as 10 minutes. They’re an incredibly efficient way to get great results from your fitness plan

HIIT fitness has a wide variety of benefits that makes it a popular form of exercise, such as:

  • Increasing Metabolic Rate Post-Exercise
  • Promoting Calorie-Burning
  • Helping Increase Muscle Mass
  • Supporting Oxygen and Blood Flow
  • Aiding with Weight Loss Goals

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most benefits possible out of your workouts, HIIT fitness is a great option. It even has a positive impact on aspects of your life outside of your physical health. Research has found that HIIT workouts are associated with improved sleep quality, boosted mental health and benefits in memory. 

When you’re searching for a way to add HIIT fitness to your fitness plan, Aeroski is an excellent choice. Aeroski is a high-intensity workout that is the perfect fit for the shorter, high-intensity intervals of your HIIT fitness session. You can even find examples of HIIT routines in the free Aeroski app to help you get started with this new type of exercise in the New Year.

Incorporate Variety in Your Fitness PlanIncorporate Variety in Your Fitness Plan

When you work out regularly, it’s easy to get stuck in a fitness rut. All too often, you find yourself performing the same exercise routine each day or sticking to the exact same weekly fitness plan without making any changes. This can eventually lead to an occurrence called adaptive resistance, in which your body gets so used to doing an exercise again and again that it stops having a positive response to it. The exercise is no longer effective because it isn’t challenging your body anymore. 

Luckily, overcoming adaptive resistance is simple. All you have to do is add variety to your fitness plan and remember to try to switch up your movements when you feel like you’re getting used to them. Adding variety to your workouts is easy when you have Aeroski in your home gym. There are many different types of exercise routines you can complete with Aeroski, from an intense HIIT workout to fitness sessions focused on toning the lower body or targeting the core. You can also use the Aeroski app to create custom routines based on your desired level of intensity and workout session length to easily add variety to your fitness plan. 

Enjoy Fewer InjuriesEnjoy Fewer Injuries

No matter how active you are, you’re still susceptible to exercise-related injuries. If you exercise a lot, you can also run into overuse injuries and face unexpected setbacks in working toward your fitness goals. Completing full-body workouts with Aeroski is one way to avoid this. When you work out your entire body during a single fitness session, you’re using all of your muscles at once instead of focusing an extreme amount of effort on just one area of the body and putting it at greater risk of injury

Full-body workouts that rely on strength and resistance training like Aeroski also increase overall strength in the muscles and body, decreasing the chance of overuse injuries from developing to begin with. Best of all, Aeroski is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put any unnecessary stress on your joints further reducing the risk of injury. Dealing with fewer injuries means you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted progress toward all of your fitness goals in the New Year. 

Add Aeroski to Your Fitness PlanAdd Aeroski to Your Fitness Plan

New Year’s resolutions related to fitness goals and a regular fitness plan aren’t just for newcomers to the exercise world. Even seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from setting objectives related to increasing the effectiveness of their typical fitness plan. Aeroski is the best way to make sure all of those objectives and fitness goals come true in 2023. Aeroski offers low-impact, high-intensity exercise that engages all of the major muscle groups in the body at once during each fitness session. You can use Aeroski in many different exercise routines, from HIIT exercise to upper body-focused sessions, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of variety in your fitness plan for the most effective results possible.

Choose Aeroski to supercharge your fitness plan in 2023 and get a head start on meeting all of your fitness goals!