Exercise 101: How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do?

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do On Aeroski To See Results?

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do On Aeroski To See Results?

There are many health benefits to working out regularly. One of the most well-known ones is stress-relief. When you maintain a consistent exercise routine as part of a balanced lifestyle, it can be hugely beneficial for both your mental and physical health. 

Stress about working out, however, can get in the way of the stress-relief benefits of exercise. Fitness sessions themselves shouldn’t be stressful, but they often are. Worries about finding enough time in your schedule to exercise, planning an effective workout, and trying to determine whether or not an exercise is working for you can all take away from the workout experience. 

The best way to combat these sources of stress is to answer questions like “How long do workouts take to see results?” and “How many reps and sets should I do on Aeroski?” In this article, find out the answers to all your questions about Aeroski workouts and at-home exercises. 

Read on to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the results you want from your workouts, so you can focus more on enjoying exercise instead of stressing about it.

How Long Does Exercise Take to See Results?How Long Does Exercise Take to See Results?

Whenever you start a new exercise program, it’s only natural to worry about factors like “How long will it take for me to meet my fitness goals?” and “How many reps and sets should I do?”. Committing to a fitness routine requires a significant investment of your time and effort. It only makes sense that you would wonder how long it will take for you to see the results that make this commitment worthwhile. 

A good place to start in putting these worries to rest is answering the question, “How long does exercise take to see results in general?” Two main factors are responsible for how effective your workouts are:

  • Frequency — If you only work out once a week, it’s unlikely that you’ll see sustained results from your workouts or at-home exercises. Making exercise sessions a regular part of your weekly schedule is key to their effectiveness. Basic guidelines from the American Heart Association encourage a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week, or intense exercise for 25 minutes, three days a week. These levels of frequency are good goals to work towards as you begin your exercise journey. If you’re completely new to the world of working out, you can start off slow, such as by exercising as little as 5 or 10 minutes each day, until you feel more comfortable and work up from there. As your fitness abilities improve, you will probably be able to increase the length of your exercise sessions — even beyond 25 or 30 minutes each day — to challenge yourself and make more progress. 
  • Consistency — Another important factor in getting results from exercise is consistency. If you work out five days a week but only do so one week out of the month, or only work out a couple of days every now and then, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet your fitness goals. The best way to make exercise work for you is to make it a regular part of your lifestyle. Treat your fitness sessions as a fixed part of your schedule, like brushing your teeth or walking your dog. If you stick to your fitness routine, you might be able to see some results after just 4 weeks of regular workouts. 

How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do on Aeroski?How Many Reps and Sets Should I Do on Aeroski?

Planning to work out often and consistently is a good first step towards seeing exercise results, but the next step is actually finding a workout that is right for you. Aeroski is a great option, offering a full-body workout and at-home exercises that are enjoyable and convenient. 

Aeroski is a great at-home exercise, making it a no-brainer to choose as your main exercise method. Even once you’ve made this decision, however, you’ll be left wondering how to use this fitness strategy. Any time you get started with a new type of exercise, you’ll probably ask yourself questions like “How do I plan an effective workout routine?” and ‘How many reps and sets should I do?”.

Planning an effective workout routine starts with knowing how many reps and sets you should do during each fitness session. One way to determine what your workouts should look like is to take inspiration from sample exercise routines. The Aeroski app makes this simple. All you need to do is select your desired intensity level and training time, and the app will generate a custom routine for you. Here are some examples of routines that answer the question “How many reps and sets should I do?” on Aeroski:

  • Beginner Cardio Routine — If you’re just starting out with exercise, it’s best to begin slowly with your Aeroski routine. You might decide to choose a beginner intensity level by using the Fixed Handrails as you glide at a moderate place, and workout for 10 minutes at a time. This kind of routine would include 2 sets on your Aeroski. Each set would include a variety of moves like standing upright with only a slight bend to the knee as well and dropping to a quarter squat position, bringing more tension into the quadriceps with the added knee flexion as you glide.
  • Intermediate Toning Routine — An intermediate routine is a good choice if you have some exercise experience but aren’t ready for advanced level routines yet on your Aeroski. If one of your fitness goals with at-home exercises is to increase your muscle tone, Aeroski has toning routines to choose from. Transition over to the ski poles for a 20-minute intermediate cardio routine to accomplish this could include 7 sets with a variety of exercises like half squat sprints and quarter squat sprints.
  • Advanced Cardio Routine — Deciding how many reps and sets you should do in the beginning of your exercise journey is important, but so is adapting your routine to your changing fitness abilities. Full body workouts with Aeroski will help you improve your endurance and skills. You’ll want to increase the intensity and length of your workouts to continue to challenge yourself and improve your stamina and endurance. You might choose an advanced 35-minute routine that would include 4 sets filled with a variety of challenging moves like tricep kickbacks, hammer curls and overhead squats, and sprints. 

To find out the answer to “How many reps and sets should I do on Aeroski?”, make sure to download the Aeroski app and choose a customized routine that works for your fitness level and goals. 

Meet Your Fitness Goals with Aeroski

Meet Your Fitness Goals with Aeroski

If you’ve been searching for the right workout to help you meet your exercise goals, look no further than Aeroski. Aeroski’s exercise machine offers an enjoyable and effective exercise experience. It’s a full-body workout that targets all the major muscle groups in the body at once. The free Aeroski app can help guide your fitness journey with classes led by expert coaches and custom routines that are sure to help you answer the question, “How many reps and sets should I do?”. You’ll be able to focus more on making fitness progress and less on workout stress. Best of all, these at-home exercises can be completed from the comfort of your home gym, living room, balcony, or any other place in your house. Don’t forget to also to shop for accessories to make your workout experience even more fun and challenging. 

Try Aeroski today to meet your fitness goals! 

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